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Power Independence

           It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Henry Ford
Power Produced into Oversupply Reduces the Price of Power While Purchasing Power Increases because Power Reduces the Cost of Production. Joe's Law 

Update: December 12, 2012 - Some days left until Liberty Day July 4th 2013


I am going to try to address this mess from three angles of view, so as to pincer the lies so often parroted by such people as Ben Swan.

I will post this here, I'll post this on my own blog, and I will post this on Ben Swans Facebook page.

Three angles of view:

"Founding Fathers", so called, were at least two groups, not just one, and one group said anything that would get them elected and then they did the opposite of their campaign promises.

Sovereign States were not Nation States they were autonomous, separate, independent, democratic, voluntary, governments during the time when British troops (and mercenaries) invaded many of these States in this Country, which became one Country, officially, when The People in those States agreed to combine forces to drive the British out (and drive out the mercenaries).

The People, in a democratic, voluntary, government are the ultimate sovereigns both factually in a physical form and legally in a psychological form, which means that no one in a democratic, voluntary, government has an right to give any other Sovereign any rights - or take them away.

I can explain each point in much greater detail, and I will offer at least three more paragraphs on each point in combination with the whole concept of VOLUNTARY GOVERNMENT VERSUS BLIND OBEDIENCE TO FALSEHOOD.

The first amendment was attached to the Document that intended to make Slavery Legal, which was The Constitution, so as to make Slavery less legal, during the False Advertisement Campaign that is well documented in The Federalist Papers, whereby the Evil Half of the Founding Fathers, exemplified by Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington, were promising an Energetic Government (code for Consolidated Nation State with National Debt Slavery, Central Bank, and Direct Taxation of the Subjects who would no longer be The People, as in sovereigns), and that First Amendment Failed to keep the Liars and the Frauds "out of office", so it was a total failure - until now.

The second amendment was added to the first amendment by those Founding Fathers, exemplified by Patrick Henry, so as to try even more desperately to STOP the move from a Voluntary Government that worked to drive out the largest criminal army on the planet Earth, as the Liars tried to Consolidate the Voluntary Government into one Nation State with the Central Bank, Direct Taxation, and a Standing Army, which is the recipe copied from "our" home grown Legal Criminals and later used by The Communists. The second amendment proved to be as worthless as the first amendment as proven by George Washington's first aggressive war for profit, to enforce a Money Monopoly Power, and collect a Direct Tax, payable in Gold, on Whiskey, when George Washington assembled a conscripted criminal army to invade Western Pennsylvania, as Pennsylvania thereby was no longer a Sovereign State.

No person on this planet has the right to take away POWER from another innocent person (innocent of any moral crime of any kind) and if that is done then the aggressor in that case is a criminal by that act of rendering the victim powerless. Think, if you are a moral human being, and use your own brain, un-wash it, as the First Amendment, until now, did not protect all the generations before you from being victims of Legal Fraud, think, who, and you can ask anyone, who has a problem with any person having the POWER to defend themselves, and then you have found a criminal, legal or otherwise, you have found a criminal. Test yourself first, look in the mirror, and ask yourself if you would have a problem if a new device became available in a Sovereign State somewhere on this planet, and that new device was at the boarder of your Slave State, where Fraud and Debt Slavery is now legal, and this device was a Cell Phone sized Camcorder that recorded any event in real time uploading that record of that event whereby the user of the device felt threatened and the user of the device pressed a trigger, and the threat was thereby rendered immobile for 1 hour of time, with no health risk to the immobile person. Any contention of false "shooting" by the defender who is being accused of being "trigger happy" is recorded live on the internet, and can be a part of an insurance type service intending to represent users of the device in case the user of the device is accused of being "trigger happy".

Summing up.

You have to stop your own knee from jerking, at this point, and I strongly suggest that you look in the mirror, mulling over the pincer attack above, as it may attack you from many sides, attacking your own sovereign conscience, assuming that you have one. If you join all the other criminals, claiming as they do, that one person has the right to disarm, and render powerless, an innocent person. God help us, if you remain duped - or worse.