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 Posted: Mon Nov 19th, 2012 10:35 am
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A novel idea may work best to hook the reader and inspire further reading, so what do you think about as a short narrative of a person waking up in the morning having finally decided to go down to the new bank and see about this new loan they have heard so much about, and it can involve an exchange with the family at breakfast, concerning the trouble of so much debt, and no obvious way out, an unemployed dad, son, daughter, whatever could relate to a lot of personal situations all across this great country?

Two stories could also converge as the bank salesperson, in the next paragraph, wakes up, leaves home, on the way to  another day at the bank selling new loans.

The Title of the Chapter can also have a quote written after the title like so man books have been published with that technique.

Henry Ford's quote for the Power Independence Chapter?

I can return to that web page and look for more instruction on ways to move step by step toward book production and distribution: publishing. I do remember seeing something along the lines of Kindle sales, or "giving away" the book (which is a method of advertizing the author and thereby increasing the demand for more products), as the book takes shape those decision will have to be made and paths taken, and not necessarily only one path (one at a time, or two at a time, since this is a cooperative effort with specialization, division of labor, and economies of scale).

One person can take only one path at a time. Many people are split onto two paths in their minds, called duplicity, but that is, in reality, only one path, and not a very good one.

Like this:

Chapter 1
Power Independence

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

Fill in the story line for the customer here

Fill in the story line for the loan salesperson here

Dialogue is filled in here during sales pitch

Fill in story line for customer to sleep on it and discuss it with family

Fill in story line for loan sales person to discuss with family the day at work?

A full page brochure of Product 1 indexed to the back of the book?

A full page brochure of Product 2 indexed to the back of the book?

Waking up, the customer is now determined to take out both loans, having an idea to buy 2 electric cars and begin building a U-Haul type car battery Solar Panel Trailer business, taxi service, electric car/battery trailer sales lot, in the country, but starting out small with just 2 electric cars, taxi service, with the idea of selling one car, and beginning the work on the manufacture of a Solar Panel Electric Car Battery Power Storage Trailer for taxi fares that exceed the range of the Electric Car, and in case both Electric Cars are running all day, doing taxi work, they can haul one of the 3 trailers around while the third trailer is charging up on a quick charger at the business office.

Sales person wakes up, not expecting the customer to return, and describing how strange it is for people not to "get it".

Fill in here the dialogue of the actual sale of the loan, including a challenge by the borrower (borrowing from him or her self) concerning how the bank makes any money, and here is where the math can be also indexed to the back of the page, and the concept of having 10 businesses contracted by State governments to bid for the franchise to sell these loans in competition with Federal Reserve Monetary Products.

Fill in the last part of the chapter with business plans being worked out by the new borrower (borrowing from their own good faith and credit - at cost) and indexing plans for the new land purchase, the taxi service, the electric car lot, the Modular Green House Farming Unit to produce Algae fuel to store excess POWER, to buy up gasoline powered cars as those prices go down,  and to fuel them with the Algae Made Gasoline, the Solar Panel Array, and a back up Wind mill (these small  scale windmills are all over the place in agricultural areas nearby our city), and a small house/ business office, to keep the caretaker/worker residing comfortably (bermmed house facing south). Two water wells.

Indexing to the business profile including the loan amount, cost of investments, expected income (electricity), taxi fare income (competitive priced taxi service not having to pay the high cost of petroleum fuel), electric car sales (if a dealership franchise is worked out), battery trailer sales (resale of cars with trailers to people wanting a long range electric car set-up, as a package, then buy another electric car to replace the one sold if no dealership franchise is worked out),  sales of excess Electricity to the Power Company, or direct connecting the Power output to neighbors if the Power Company does not buy back electricity at the same price they sell it, so the "middle man" is then bypassed. Sales of Algae based fuel to gasoline powered car customers, and/or sales of tomatoes, carrots, grapes, whatever.

The numbers work out, I've tried them, but not meticulously, the "bottom line" that continues to show up is the fact that the POWER is supplied by the sun, not a Coal company, not an Oil company, not a Natural Gas company, and not an Electric company, whereby each are subsidized by tax payments, and therefore each is able to sell below cost, and thereby make any competitor unable to compete until now, because now Sun (and wind which is sun powered indirectly) POWER is economically viable even against the subsidized monopoly powers.

The end of the chapter can be a discussion between the new business borrower (borrowing from him or her self) and a relative or friend who is similarly undecided as to either Product 1 or Product 2, and the person who is just starting a new business with Product 1 and Product 2 tells the potential customer about the fact that there is no requirement to buy both products, as the Product 1 product is an advertizement tool, a marketing tool, like giving away the razor to people who are then inspired to buy the razor blades, and this is a modern marketing device, used by Skype, Avast (internet security), E-Bay, Amazon, etc. Give away the general product and sell the advanced product and stay in business because the products are sold Globally, on a large scale, having many small profits flowing into the central location from millions of customers. So the Product 1 is simply a way for someone to cut their mortgage payments in half, so why would anyone need to stress over such a simple decision?