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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2012 02:23 pm
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Responding to the latest 12/14/2012 developments - following is a possible follow up page, put in Joe Quotes, after the bear introduction.

I'm Joe and discussion has been a very dull tool in my life up to points in time that inspire the effort to sharpen that tool, often times the inspiration accompanies dire straights.

Dark Horizons?

In other words a question: What brings people together so as to inspire them to be nice to each other, to cooperate, to compare notes, and to seek better from worse, and at the same time avoid harming each other?

So my power to convey meaning with English and do so accurately has been, once again, exemplified by the first sentence. I have a hard time communicating. Then the second sentence intends to show a measure of improvement (in other words), an effort to sharpen the tool. I intend to offer my end of any discussion - in dire straights - so as to compare notes, to learn, and to teach, do so fairly, equitably, nicely, politely, if possible. Often times failing miserably.

Dire Straights?

One look at the Official National Debt Clock, or the latest information reporting on the many Wars around the Globe, or information reporting mass starvation, or information reporting how, once again, and once again, and once again, the really bad guys have made torture legal. One look into the tangled web of Modern Times, even a quick look, measures up as dire straights for many people, if not just me, and if not just right now.

Coming to a theater near you?

So, there I am, blowing the whistle on bad guys moving in, one if by land and two if by sea. Yelling from the rooftops for over 2 decades. Learning along the way. Not having much to speak of in the way of actual discussion. Then as if by some mysterious force, or coincidence, a person offers actual discussion on vital topics as if someone else on this planet shares that need to know better too.


A small part of the entire, and ongoing, process of discussion is documented in this book, whereby discussion on vital matters happened, and is exemplified, for those who share that interest in knowing better, and those who understand the vital necessity of accurate communication in Liberty.

The stage was set for discussion.

The place of this small act in a large theater was a modern example of a Forum, such as those ancient ruins in Athens Greece landmark places built for the purpose of discussion, without the columns at the entrance, without the regal beauty of artistic architecture, but a forum none-the-less, in our time, a place called The Daily Paul.

We discussed current realities, foreboding futures, and places to go in Liberty.

I hope the example is worth the cost of reading.