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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2013 09:31 am
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It is my understanding that these "federal villains" (I call them Legal Criminals) employ deception, and in that employment they find things that hide their crime, and those things that hide their crimes are typically the opposite of the crimes that they are perpetrating.

Well, I misspoke actually. What I meant to say that no judicial authority has me on the search list. But outside of that - I agree with you statement's logic.

If people are honestly spiritual, for example, and they have a genuine belief in God, then that exists, in that way, as a genuine human condition.

I consider myself to be honestly spiritual (if I understand this correctly) and I have 0 belief in God. So I kind of fail to see a connection there. Existense of a soul has nothing to with religion. Existense of a soul logical and provable fact. Material consistency of a soul is somewhat speculative, but if you are familiar with mathematical definition of extrapolation (and I think you are) then You're probably capable to follow-up on this branch of logic and successfully sever spiritual from religious. Well, maybe I'm reading too much into what you've said. This all goes too much off topic anyway.

"free medical help"

Eventually I hope to read about the methods by which costs were covered in Russian History.

It was free in predictable sense. If you got sent into a hospital by area's attached doctor - you didn't have to pay for being there. Obviously local budgets (payed from empire's treasury) weren't enough to cover for all htese efforts. Zemstva had local tax authority, but since simple people were represented by people, elected from their own class - it worked out. Or so the data seem to suggest. Please bear in mind different mentality. Though this system may remind you of American one in some way - people's general attitude towards things was not the same and affected how it all unfolded.

So - a little update on how all this is coming along:

Russo-Japanese war will consist of 5 chapters and I edited in full 1st chapter (rough text) already. 2nd chapter is in the state of compilation-translation. I plan to finish up with roughs on these 5 chapters and then move to editing them, adding images and links and whatnot. Also - eplanational interjections. Since you - Joe - made an inquiry about government structre - I'll try to comment on those things mentioned in the chapters and relevant info (did not yet cause I had somewhat connected compilation ready and decided to translate it first and see how it looks, which by now I did and it almost makes me throw up cause of how ugly my translation is). I'm also thinking about adding interjections with explanations concerning cultural specifics. Though these might be exceptionally hard to make cause I'll need to explain subtleties without writing a lection about laguage specifics, understanding of which is required to a certain extent to comprehend these aforementioned cultural specifics.

So if there are any particular suggestions or questions regarding explanations - leave them here, i'll clear up all redundant text once I reach a critical amount data on the subject itself. Also - I wouldn't mind a little help from native English speakers in re-wording all of that in more appropriate way, because I know for a fact that my wording here is exceptionally bulky and clunky. Has to be remedied. But I guess that will become a separate issue and we'll deal with it when roughs and my own editing is done with me being at least somewhat satisfied with it (cause as of now I am not).

Once all that is done we'll see how long it all took and re-estimate deadline (I certainly underestimated amount of stuff there is to say, but then again, I don't want to make a cursed academician study out of it).

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