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 Posted: Thu Apr 11th, 2013 10:31 am
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I did not find anything in the Admin Panel where I can change scripts, so I updated the question at the HELP Forum.

I've have maintained this Forum since 2005, but it is mainly my own personal Library of Web links. Now with you, Mike, and bear here, it is actually being used as a forum, but it may not be a very good Forum in many ways.

The concept of moving all these links to another forum sounds like a lot of work, but it may be something worth considering?

The Russian History effort is already worth the effort to me, in particular I am reading how communists and mainstream media falsify the facts concerning Russian life before the communists took over, and I hope you know that my understanding is that the communists were financed by the same people who finance mainstream media.


"Nikolai II was able to have his was and ended up making an engagement with his beloved in the spring 1984."

I think that is supposed to read "way" not "was", and the date is 1894?

Paris was overflown."

Is that overcrowded, as in filled with many people?

butRussian minister of Finances"

Obvious typo error.

The words below are very interesting to me since the Finance Minister Vitte appears to have POWER of some measure. Then the western financed, Wall Street financed, influences arrive on the scene in the form of destroying productive capacity; that makes sense to me.

International role of Russia after this trip increased immensely, which allowed to approach the question of mid-sea channels. Russian ambassador in Constantinople - Nelidov, as well as director of General Staff - Obruchev - and deputy minister of foreign affairs - Shishkin - proposed to emperor in 23rd of November to take fleet towards Bosphorus and occupy northern parts of it. Eternal enemy - England - had no problem with splitting Turkey, butRussian minister of Finances - Vitte - voiced his disagreement. and unexpectedly enough - France was also in disagreement. France feared that England would conquer Dardanelles. In the end of the day - operation was postponed.

At the same time in Russia new forces, hostile towards the state are being organized. Lenin, Nakhamkes, Cederbaum and Krupskaya create a union for freedom of working class. Lenin's comrades starting to organize industrial stoppages. 23rd of May 1896 stared ted first stoppages in textile industry.


The words below report on how a few people (called State, or government) move POWER from the many to those few. I find this very interesting because the CURRENCY being MONOPOLIZED in this case is Alcohol, which may or may not be significantly relevant to American History between 1776 and 1794, where 2 battles occurred between 2 "states" or "governments" and 2 "revolutionary" forces.

One was called Shays's Rebellion in Massachusetts, having to do with a Tax on Whiskey, and the other was called The Whiskey Rebellion, again having to do with a Tax on Whiskey. There is great significance to these events in America, so I'm wondering if there is much more to these events, with Monopolizing Alcohol CURRENCY in Russia. In America the use of Alcohol as money, for reasons that I can explain, made Alcohol a competitive form of money that was not tolerated by the people who ran the Legal Money Monopoly Power.

At the same time – and that was the entire reason behind this decision – monopoly increased state revenue by taking the role of broker. This indirect tax which existed in all countries in some shape or form – went right into state treasury.
I am going to end my reading and commenting session at this point, until I continue at a later time.