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 Posted: Mon Apr 22nd, 2013 05:19 am
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Joe, thanks for your feedback.

As to your question about term 'Soviet' in relation to 'Bolshevik'. Generally when we use word 'Soviet' over here, we reference to all time since 1917 up to the end of USSR. In this context general meaning goes as 'under the propaganda of', maily when generation remembering Imperial times from personal experience was in lesser numbers. The word 'Bolshevik' is far less common even in general reference. 'Soviet' means 'council' or 'advise'. 'Bolshevik' is a name made by the group themselves. Name suggests majority or will of the majority or representation of the majority, while it was never so to begin with. We'll get there eventually and hopefully I'll be able to explain my take on the whole massive turd in the wildly spinning fan deal, pardon my language.

Russia is HUGE!

Used to be bigger (even not counting Alaska). For once - add Mongolia and north China up from the Great Wall (even have maps showing that). There is an educated speculation that the wall was actually built to protect north from the Chinese. And that is only 'for once'. Also - fun facts. Sanscrit is at least 65-70% compatible with Russian and can be sufficiently understood without any scholarship. Take artifact texts in Arabic and read them properly (from left to right and with proper technique) - you'll end up with Russian. For real.

Also - I've yet again been slacking off on translations during weekend. And this week I'm covering up for my partner (working for 2 guys basically), so I'm not sure I can deliver next chapter before the end of the week. Sorry for the delay.

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