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 Posted: Tue May 7th, 2013 03:33 pm
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Josf, my question did not have to do with the validity of the device. I like the idea. Especially with the added insurance of trigger happy people being loaded on the internet.

But my question has to do with the premise that people are good. Why do we need a device if people are good. For that matter, why do we need guns, if people are good.

My question lies at the foundation of the goodness of humanity. Humanity has the propensity to be bad. That is why we need those devices. No one knows at what point they will do bad or how far they will go down that bad road to injure others.

A little of something sometimes ignites something unknown to a person. Or the influence of another bad person might ignite someone else to do bad. We, as humans, are capable of doing very evil things.

What if you and I had been born in a tribe of cannibals. Would we be cannibals too?

So, I like your device. But I want you to admit to me, that people are not really good, because if they were, we would have no need of this immobilization device, nor would we have the need for "trigger happy" insurance video.

Yes, I used the word admit. Imagine that. Do I get your gruff up? I want to win this one.