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 Posted: Tue May 7th, 2013 06:28 pm
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I may have coincidentally thought about the stark differences between Power Independence, or any Independence (without power I don't know how anything can be independent), for 1 individual compared to an entire species, or group, or Nation of People, or Family, or City, or County, or Company, or Business, or couple, or Church.

Note the difference, and then I will quote your question inspiring these words in reply.

Differences between:

1. Independent Individual

2. Independent Individuals

I had that rolling around in my mind when I read this:

Why do we need a device if people are good [?].
Which people?

Independent people are good, as they do not depend upon crime for a means of sustaining their lives.

Why do we need parents if kids are good?

Humanity has the propensity to be bad.
I may be an alien being born onto this planet since it seems as if I am the only individual capable of avoiding the same error everyone else appears to do routinely.

Why are good people being blamed for the actions of bad people?

What is this apparent need to collectively punish everyone for the bad things done by the few?

I don't have that routine working in my brain, so I can't answer the question myself. I can ask, and ask, and ask, and ask, and I can grow blue in the face, without ever having the answer offered to me; or do I merely fail to listen, or am I actually the source of the error?

Everyone is, in fact, responsible for the actions of a few people.

Joe, you are stupid, so the real question is: why are you incapable of realizing the fact that everyone is, in fact, responsible for the actions of a few people?

No one knows at what point they will do bad or how far they will go down that bad road to injure others.
I can demonstrate that the above sentence is false. A person paid a lot of money (power to purchase) for doing bad things will, with almost no exceptions, do bad things for that source of that power.

Is that not true?

We, as humans, are capable of doing very evil things.
Again, I do not have that routine going on in my mind, so that sentence to me is ambiguous, meaningless, or false, and I care not to know which, but I would like to know why someone thinks that everyone must be held responsible for the bad things done by a few people.

I have not tortured anyone for money yet, I have not mass murdered any large group of people for money yet, and it is past time for me to begin such a vocation, so for practical purposes, on that scale of evil, I can safely say, I am not capable of torturing people, and mass murdering people, to earn my way through the rest of my life.

What is the point of the sentence?

We, as humans, are capable of doing very evil things.
If I am pointing out how a very few people are being paid almost every kilowatt/hour of surplus power for lies, fraud, torture, and mass murder, and by counting the screams, and the bodies of the tortured and murdered, evil can be accurately measured, and you are then offering that sentence in reply, if that is the case here, then I see that sentence as being false.

We, as humans, are capable of doing very good things.

What is the point?

Blame everyone for both?

What if you and I had been born in a tribe of cannibals. Would we be cannibals too?
A case was made, in Equitable Commerce, accounting for that fact.

I agree, and I don't blame everyone for this unfortunate situation, what would be the point of blaming everyone for the actions of a few?

But I want you to admit to me, that people are not really good, because if they were, we would have no need of this immobilization device, nor would we have the need for "trigger happy" insurance video.
I can admit it, if I lie.

I won't lie.

I don't see the point in lying.

Trial by Jury was the Immobilizing Device that worked when it worked well enough to minimize crime, by paying crime nothing, in fact the idea was to make crime costly for the criminals.

I think the level of evil humans can be driven toward is certainly extreme when too many people allow themselves to be driven to an extreme level of evil, but even so, even under the worst conditions, as can be found in a copy of The Gulag Archipelago, and many other accounts, human beings can be known as being good even when they are being driven toward the worst evil.

If you feel the need to blame everyone for the actions of a few, go right ahead, it is what you choose to do, and it is not what I choose to do, because it is demonstrably false.

Yes, I used the word admit. Imagine that. Do I get your gruff up? I want to win this one.
This is an old, old, old, part of the road for me, repeated, and repeated, and repeated, and as yet it has not managed to wear a groove in my soul, so no, I do not blame everyone for the actions of a few, and it does not look like I ever will make that mistake.

What would be the goal if I were to make that error?

Allow the criminals to raise their pay?