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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2013 10:46 am
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After Lexington and Concord, patriot committees called all able-bodied men to join a voluntary association "to learn the art of war."
I read falsehood in that sentence, for example.

The word "patriot" is combined with "committees," and so there are lists of names of people who think and act according to those thoughts and actions that belong in those committees. "They" do not act as one.

"They" do not all claim that there will be punishment executed upon the targets who don't "volunteer" to obey the orders without question.

I've read accounts of how some people were not confusing the concept of a voluntary association with the opposite of a voluntary association, and a person who refused to volunteer to aid, and abet, lending moral support, and material support to either attackers or defenders in any conflict between any number of people, were not subject to punishment for failing to obey the order to aid, abet, lend moral support, and lend material support, to either combatants, aggressor, defender, or any degree of willful intent, good, or bad, in any case.

That is what I mean when I write the words I write in that book you assembled called Joe's law. I can find the relevant quotes if the inspiration plays out in that direction.

No, I say, no, no, no, everyone is not responsible, and therefore not accurately accountable for, the actions of a few who do, in fact, punish people for failing to obey orders without question, whereby the orders are evil, wrong, destructive, aggressive, against God's will, against natural law, against common sense, against common law, and in a word, the orders are criminal.

The word "patriot" attached to a person who is merely criminal is routine for criminals, as any false front that hides the fact that the criminal is a criminal will do, and there is no affection, no loyalty, to the flavor of the word that hides the criminal best, any label is as good as the next, so along as the label accomplishes the task of hiding the criminal behind that false front.

The words I can wholeheartedly agree with in principle are these:

They would donate money to help poor families left destitute because their men were off fighting.
They who do that are good people, Christian or Mormon, Jewish or Buddhist, the reasons and actions are good, life preserving, not life destroying, in my opinion. In practice, as the rubber meets the road, far away from the confines of principle, a criminal, false, destructive, attacker, may be presently torturing, and murdering, millions, and the good person may find themselves in a position to press a button, or pull a trigger, and in that instant the human being could end that reign of terror, and to me it is perfectly human, and not at all inhuman, to do so, in defense.

It is inhuman, devilish, evil, wrong, criminal, destructive, perverted, unconscionable, unreasonable, for a person to willfully employ their individual power in the work of injuring innocent people with falsehoods, threats, and violence, especially when such behavior is institutionalized, and the accurate measures of the destruction, in blood, screams, agony, terror, misery, severed limbs, severed heads, and bodies pile up into the millions upon millions of otherwise good, innocent, people, who are now very dead: for fun and profit.

Best principle is do no harm.

In practice the Mad Dogs may become dead at the hands of one of their victims.

I do not advocate institutionalized aggressive violence under any False Flag of any kind whatsoever, and if other people do so, then they do not belong within the same group as I do, based upon my thoughts, and based upon my actions, where I volunteer to be in the group, if there is a group, I belong.

The Falsehood I see is the falsehood that confuses defensive actions with offensive actions willfully done by individual people.

Confusion is very likely in practice, impossible in principle. In English, on papers, for example, there is no room for confusion, so follow the paper trail, and find those who counterfeit. When asked, they will lie, to cover up their crimes, each time.

What is the problem?

If there is no solution, then seeking the solution is the problem.

If there is a solution, then failing to see the solution is the problem.

If the problem is crime, by any other name, then the solution cannot be to become a criminal; or a victim.

Am I bothering while you are trying to write?
I am writing. Into the new fictional book are things I want to say, and these ideas find me, and I can capture them and place them on paper before they are gone. I have one that is standing the test of time, concerning the idea of power, and how power works.

I was able to expand the idea into effective communicate with my wife, so the idea is gaining currency.

We were speaking to each other, as we sometimes do, about intimate things, our deepest fears, and our most precious moments, and my part of the conversation returned to this present idea that I want to place in the Novel.

I see a person viewed as a snap shot, a moment in time and place, and that person is measurably alive based upon physical matter, and that becomes a standard from which to then view other things.

So there is this person, and that person is measurably alive, healthy, breathing air, processing all those processes involved in living, at that moment, in that place.

Then I take out my scale, a tool, a statistical measure of extremes on each end, and an average in the middle, where this scale measures brain function, where this tool, this brain, is either used by some other power, such as a soul, or will, or intensity of controlled thought, or not, used, or not used, by an individual being, where the being is being human. On one side of the scale the brain to be placed into this body, at that time, and in that place, is a brain controlled by external powers, a brain that is tortured, suffering, and abused by perceptions of external things bombarding this brain, and this brain is then thrown into this body, and this brain, and this body move from where it is to where it is going.

On the other end of the scale is this brain that is used by this internal power of will, this soul if you will, and this soul decides to reject the concept of being a victim to those external powers, and this soul decides to use this brain in such a way as to employ the brain power available to gain more power in the form of control over how those external powers affect this brain, and this body, and then this is on the other end of the scale as this brain is thrown into this body, in this place, at this time.

There are now two bodies to view from that moment in time and place. One body goes one way, and the other body goes the other way.

I am writing, and as usual your generous help is appreciated.