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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2013 01:07 pm
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My friend

Meanwhile a second book on The Liberty Day Challenge could be moved ahead. I don't know how this works. The concept of being an author instead of being a laborer is still foreign. I worked as a mechanic, laborer, machine operator, etc. for so many years. It is in my blood.

My wife and I spoke about my present role as housekeeper, cook, parent, the things she did, before I was no longer in demand as a laborer, before she drove herself into being a competitive business operator.

I can imagine using the body ia a different way is a new thing to learn. But, in my mind, it is the body that is being used, whether it is the brain and the strong muscles to acheive one kind of labor, or the brain and the soft muscles to acheive another kind of labor. Both kinds of labor are products of your mind, your ability, your muscles, and your time.

Yes, I suppose one can command their body muscles to do whatever they demand (within reason), and it is different to command the mind to be artistic on demand. Sure, your fingers may be willing to type, but the mind may not be creative at the given moment. I think there is something called writer's block. Some writers go away to secluded areas so that they can write. Their characters become real to them and the rest of life pales in significance as writing is achieved.

Joe, you are extremely intelligent. It is wonderful that you can use your mind now as a new kind of laborer as well as you were able to use your mind and muscles as a different kind of laborer. But you still labor. I used to come home mentally spent and exhausted when I worked at NASA. I was not so much physically spent because my days were at a desk.

I remember the story you told me about sleeping while dumping rock. So, you may have been able to put your mind in nuetral at times? Maybe writing can work the same way?

It was rude of me to start a conversation with you while you were writing even if I did have questions, I should have refrained. After all, I have book work to do as well. :)

I will try to get this finished ASAP. I have developed the concept of setting my kitchen timer for 30 minute intravals so that I get other things done too. Bookwork 30 minutes; housework 30 minutes. I am eating my bookwork time right now. It is much more pleasant for me to talk than consentrate. But, I think now that my meds are halved I can overcome what is more pleasant and do what is most necessary. The doc and I talked about that concept. Makes sense that I was too laid back to do anything that took effort...of course I have issues with lack of sunlight and it has been a long winter and spring has been mostley cloudy.

I will be happy to work on Liberty Day Challenge too even if you are writing a fiction. No problem with having a storehouse? A manifestation of labor in the form of capital? After all there is a message to put forth!

I got a phone call recording from Ron Paul today by Campaign for seems the gang of 8 is hiding a national ID card complete with biometrics within the undocumented worker legislation. US Citizens will not be able to work without that card according to Ron Paul.

They wanted me to sign a petition and send money. You never know who you are talking to on the phone these days. It could all be a set up as far as I'm concerned. How could one know?

Revelation 13:17 KJV
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.