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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2013 07:57 pm
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To that I say, you may not respond to any religious zealotry, but that sure doesn't stop you from responding with religious zealotry such as:

It wasn't 'responding' because:

>>> until the quoting in the very end it was just thinking aloud. <<<

So why begin a conversation on the topic that you don't want anyone, especially me, to talk about?

I didn't, because:

>>> until the quoting in the very end it was just thinking aloud. <<<

Anyways, I have found that you are quite capable of deleting things you want deleted without asking someone else to do it for you.

True, but for that I have to be in fey enough mood to ignore common decency.

So, that says to me. Hey bear, Look what I have to say about this T O P I C that I want to drop and that I will not start conversations bear, here bear, here is some honey...laced with poison. And that is my perception.

Well, admittedly, not every bear likes honey. Have some raspberries, that is what every Russian bear loves. You know these supposed medieval habit to write post scriptums with invisible inks? Sadly, raspberry juice won't suffice for that. Maybe bear was lucky and caught some fresh salmon so his breath is questionable, bu can you deny the bear breathing? Oh, wait, everyone can. And besides, actual bears are cowards except one circumstance. After all - Dei judicium fiat justitia, right? Now let me get back to polishing turds...

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