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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2013 08:13 pm
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Sergey, You are so funny.

ohhhhh so thinking out loud is now permissable on the T O P I C. I get it. As long as it is in a P.S. I can say whatever I want...because it is only thinking out loud.

And now you disparage me by calling me a coward? and saying you need to get back to work?

Absentia ejus qui reipublicae causa abest, neque ei, neque alii damnosa esse debet.

Which makes me think that you are likening talking to me to polishing turds. Is that what you mean, Sergey?

What are you up to my Russian friend?

I think if you handed me Raspberries they might also be laced with poison. I kinda think you don't care much for me since your afterthoughts that you take the time to type out for all to see contain just that.