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 Posted: Thu May 9th, 2013 11:09 pm
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Si non credideritis non permanebitis?


Eventually everything will be understood. Our only hope to see it through though is not to fall prey to parasites before we are strong enough to defeat them. Things we do every day, no matter the age, affect soul's progress on this way. It would be annoying to carry a baggage of falsehoods onto the next incarnation. Or to accumulate so much that there is not enough energy to get through parasites onto that incarnation.

If I don't believe, I will not continue? Get rid of the parasites so there is enough energy to get to the next incarnation. hmmm

This is reminding me of a talk that I have recently stumbled upon. It seems that I heard someone saying that this world will need to shed the parasitic Christian which holds back incarnation from fully enveloping and illuminating society. Doing this extermination thru violence is acceptable since the end goal is the new incarnation of the people of the world. A Quantum Leap; A new illumination?

Is this what you are speaking to me about?