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 Posted: Fri May 10th, 2013 06:51 pm
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I think I understand the concept of conscience except for the learning part. I do not know exactly what that part means. Can you give me more words for that part?
I don't know what you are referring to exactly.

Can one violate their conscience?
Any wrong choice does that. Wrong choice damages entity. I think that constitutes as violation. Many people like to not hear their own conscience, they rather succumb to their passions and desires.

Sergey, I do think you think that I have a parasite attached to my soul and that I am a grievous blight upon humanity because that parasite now has the use of a human mind.
First part is somewhat correct, second part is utterly incorrect.

And that you think it is proper to release my soul from this parasitic condition thru execution so that I might have a chance for a restart. Am I understanding your words correctly?

If things were that bad we wouldn't be even speaking. So no, you're not understanding me correctly. I do like allegories, but it's a double-edged blade. Yet also very useful to see how someone's mind operates. Take for instance these lyrics I wrote to Joe and apply simple and awful (yet in this case fitting) binary logic. Considering where these lyrics are from and how they sound can be considered a move by my artistic expression by means of resonation with Joe's expression. However, one can also find my words to be a sophisticated mockery considering where these lyrics are from and what kind of character uses them for what purpose. Reaction tell something about people's thought-process. And my bear-related allegories are no different.