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 Posted: Sat May 11th, 2013 05:07 am
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This is the part that I do not understand:
Show some careful compiling. I'll do it for you this time. If you combine 3 meanings I mentioned you should get something like: "Will imposed by your entity, supposed to direct you to acquiring knowledge". Or something along those lines. 'Co' shows the following of design of entity. 'Несть' refers to the fact that 'ве' is being brought or inspired. Something like that. I have trouble formulating in English, you know that very well.

I couldn't understand your lyrics to Joe. I put them thru google translate, but they did not translate well except something about a slave:
I hate to make you feel embarrassed, but these lyrics are from Rigoletto. This little 'arioso' while beautiful on its own is actually a deceit in the scheme of entire play. I guess me using it can also be considered a hidden intellectual challenge - seeing how deep one can go in supposition of how deep could I have meant it.

Here's how it sounds:

And proper translation just for the reference:

Daughter of love,
I'm enslaved by your charms
One word from you
Could ease all my pain.
Feel how my heart
                       is pounding.
One word from you
Could ease all my pain.

If you like to use allegories and my mind thinks literally, what does that tell you about me?
If that was the problem, there would be no problem. But from what I can tell - your mind doesn't think quite literally enough. At least that is my impression so far.

I should like to ask though, are all consciences the same? Is everyone's sense of right and wrong the same?
Initially I wrote a big paragraph with vague terminology, but scratch that.
Conscience is the manifestation of one's entity. Entity that incarnates in one's body is not a parasitic one, because parasitic one is unable to do that initial step (because growing a child body requires giving, something parasite is incapable of). At that point all consciences are the same, because goal of every normal entity is the same, and means of getting there are also the same. Yet entities between themselves vary due to complexity of a task at hand. They also vary in level of development. That accounts for different abilities their bodies can use in their circle of life. Ideally developing more.