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 Posted: Sat May 11th, 2013 12:36 pm
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You answered my question, thanks.

My viewpoint has developed into this concept I call a power perspective. From that foundational point of view I see life as a power existing because it can employ the power available to create more power out of less power.

Life, in other words, goes forth and multiples.

Life is a power, and mathematically speaking that power can be accurately measured in time as X.

If X does not go forth and multiply then X remains to be X, only X, no more than X.

If life diminishes instead of "going forth and multiplying," and again employing math, then X can be life diminishing by a negative measure such as X - Y.

A possible illustration of such a thing as X - Y could be a fast moving massive object contacting Earth two minutes after I type this coma, and then all life on Earth ends.

X - Y

A possible illustration of "going forth and multiplying" is X + Y, or that change from Earth being what it was, and then Earth being what it is with my first child existing on Earth, then my second. I use the possessive English words with reservations.

I don't claim to own anyone in a sense that could be misunderstood; therefore I reserve, or qualify, the use of English.

I do not willfully employ English in such a way as to reach the goal of deceiving anyone.

X + Y, to me, is a way of saying, yes, bear, your answer is the answer I had in mind.