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 Posted: Sun May 12th, 2013 05:55 am
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Should I be embarassed because I am not cultured and lack class?
I thought you know this opera. Thought you might feel embarrassed for not recognizing it. I know I would.

But if you didn't know it - oh, well, does it means that I have given you too much credit? Hardly. Consider my attitude as compliment then )))

How many languages do you speak?
Russian, English, somewhat French. Can reasonably comprehend Serbian, Czech, Polish and their similar languages like Slovenian, Slovakian, Bulgarian etc.

But in terms of opera it's irrelevant. Usually in theaters they go with subtitles if language of the opera is foreign. And usually people know what opera is about and visit it expressly for artistry and singing and music. I thought USA had one of the most know Opera houses - The Metropolitan Opera. Best singers perform there. Likes of Anna Netrebko, Piotr Beczala, Mariusz Kwiecien. Even out of these three I can say that Anna is the most renowned opera singer today and the best soprano in the world. With guys things are not that straightforward, but these two are heavy names in opera scene. Go on YouTube and find them. Though no sane person can enjoyably listen to pop after that I would say )))

What is your occupation?
If you mean my work - I'm assembling server equipment. You might think of it as somewhat blue-collar work.

Is there an absolute moral law under which all consciences begin?
Conscience is a manifestation of one's entity. And entity is a material being. It has structure. Yet while entity requires 'physically dense' body - it depends on it. Entity has a purpose of development, increasing it's own dimensionality effect. You might think of it as growing. Now in our simple understanding everything we do converts matter one way or another, effectively affecting the entity. For instance - if we drink poison - it is a flowback from entity that heals us, effectively weakening the entity. Following the entity can be viewed as searching for the truth in our terms. Entity is what defines us as personalities. Entity is a skeleton that holds body together. Yet at the very young age child is vulnerable. Brain has no convolutions at all. here's a place where everything can go wrong if not properly managed. Now with my ancestors that was a great part of the culture, yet we didn't escape the problem completely. Which says to me that problem is inevitable statistically and humanity just needs to overcome it, like a disease.