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 Posted: Wed May 15th, 2013 12:20 pm
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I woke this morning with the boy named Josiah at the point where he is going to do something.

I want to incorporate the idea of how accurate information is the enemy of criminals.

I have this idea that the old man with the Jag U ARE is being targeted by Josiah as a possible source of income, as Josiah pretends to be a Law Enforcement Agent after Liberty Day and after Victory in the War on Falsehood.

Josiah gets this idea of faking an attempt to steal the car, a very high priced car, so as to then pretend to foil the theft of the car, and then collect the bounty offered by the insurance company.

The idea here is to show how anyone can get these ideas, ideas that tempt a person to turn to crime, and then the idea is to convey how the math does not work out in a person's brain, when it is too risky, when information is too accurate too often.

I had the idea of having Josiah check his el-dee (LD), for information on how easy or how difficult it would be to get away with such a thing, and then, perhaps, a story line that involves Steve, the professor, being alerted to such a search made by Josiah, so Steve goes out to monitor his student in the field.

I don't know how the story would actually play out, not until I get back into writing mode, but this idea I thought was worth jotting down.