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 Posted: Thu May 16th, 2013 05:14 pm
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Sergey is as good a judge as any, it seems to me.

Parasitism, so described, sounds like crime to me.

I do not do this:

If we pretend that this social parasite is not in way influenced by others, then we can say that this initial desire of his (misunderstood need) forms a false reflex.
I do not see the point in doing that, since "influenced by others," is measurable in any case whatsoever, even if the criminal is measurable as a sociopath, meaning someone who "cares" as much for another person as a non-sociopath may "care" about a grain of sand, or a roach, or a rat, or a maggot, or a chair, and yet, despite this concept of "care" being absent in the sociopath, none-the-less there is that power of influence, to sweep away the grain of sand, inspiration at work, to crush the roach, to eat the rat, or maggot, or to sit upon the chair, use it, or burn it for fuel, there is influence or there is no contact.

Even if contact is purely accidental between the sociopath and the thing being contacted accidentally at first, there is then willful employment of power by the sociopath to continue contact, or to avoid further contact, and if the choice is to avoid further contact, then that is not within the context of parasitism, or crime, rather that is the avoidance of contact - it seems to me.

So my next question concerning this parasitism stuff, that sounds a lot like crime to me, concerns the effective tools used by the parasites, and I am seeking specifics, precise, effective, expedient, sharp, tools, used, to reach the goals aimed to be reached by the parasites in parasitism.

I know of 3 such tools used by criminals.