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 Posted: Fri May 17th, 2013 12:43 pm
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I understand why you would use the word 'crime'. In Russian dictionary would give you the word 'преступление', which comes from 'преступать', meaning 'crossing' the boundary, or the line. Maybe it's just your preference to use 'crime'.

Social parasitism, however, denotes the phenomena quite accurately I find. to my understanding 'crime' is less enveloping of a term to use. but maybe that's just my English fails me as per usual.

As for sharp, precise, effective, expedient..., dramatic, edgy, hurr definition words - I'm not the one to provide you those. Not in English anyway.

You say 'deceit'. Yet deceit is not as easy as it looks. Parasitism starts from deceit (including self-deceit) willful and/or accidental. Yet it doesn't appear to me as sharp, precise, effective... term overall.

You say 'threats'. Yet threats can be seen as violence, cause what are threats essentially? And threats can be a deceit, can't they?

You say 'violence'. Yet any forceful projection can be described as violence. Terms are vague. You might have them nailed down to the sharp, precise, effective... And I even might totally understand what you mean, but! The book will require more 'intuitive' explanations if you desire to convey what you mean to broader audience. At least that would maximize your chances I feel.

Now how big of system of terms regarding 'tools' of social parasites do you really want me to lay out for you. How much sharp, precise, effective... should it be?