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 Posted: Fri May 17th, 2013 05:15 pm
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I feel as if I am the target of a witch hunt, and you are doing the targeting.

Ahoy there, mateys! Main battery at the ready!! Wait till I give the order to blast that accursed witch into smitherines!!!.. Oh, wait, that's from the wrong opera...


It takes two to tango.
Correction - it takes a man and a woman to tango ))). Or waltz for that matter.

Terms are symbols, how can a "term" be vague?
That is exactly how.

What could help in getting that which I ask to get would be one tool, for a good start, just one tool.
I can try to portray how I see this. I myself DO NOT categorize wrong deeds by type. Damage they do varies only in scale, nothing else. For entity any damage is hurtful, there is no 'I can afford losing this finger over that finger'. If at any point sacrifice is chosen it matter not what will be sacrificed if goal for it is achieved. What is most difficult about this approach is a measuring 'tool'. How does one compare rape with extortion in terms of damage exactly? But aside from that - there is question of methodology. I take it you separate social parasites from 'tools' they use. Yet I do not, because for me there is no point in structuring it. Reference scale of damage based upon it would be marginal at best and completely unneeded for those who are able to recognize actual values. What I'm trying to say is that this information is of secondary importance. If at any point you feel there is a requirement for this kind of precision - you probably expect your reader to already understand what makes 'wrong' wrong and 'right' right. Am I correct?

Trust me, I'm not evading answering your questions by adding some examples, this is just the way I do consolidation. I think I need to first understand your principles outside of just throwing out your viewpoints for people's judgement, otherwise me throwing in examples I can throw in will be irrelevant.