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 Posted: Sat May 18th, 2013 01:17 am
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If you are going to argue about how vague those symbols are, then you can do so without need of me.
Huh. As if I was the one to put in 'terms are symbols' as an argument... Alright, redacted.

I don't understand how you arrive at the perception that I "separate social parasites from 'tools' they use.
You specifically indicated deceit, threat and violence as 'tools'. Tools are things, not the person. And you seem to try and view 'tools' separately.

If you prefer not to provide a tool used by a parasite in parasitism, then I can fail to know of such a tool used by a parasite in parasitism according to you.
The point is that there is no point in me providing an example until it is relevant to something. From where I stand - it is irrelevant to what we are talking about. I have a marginal understanding how it may relate, but until I figure out more about this whole idea, as I was asking previously, because this
if other people see "right" and "wrong" similarly to the way I see "right" and "wrong" then that will be measurable as being that, in that way, or it may not, and then I'll find out that it is not that way.
won't do. Maybe I'm looking at things from too much of a teacher's perspective, but, oh, well, that's the human material you find yourself talking with.