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 Posted: Sat May 18th, 2013 12:47 pm
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Odd things are happening on this Forum with the name sunipod123 showing up on the TAB name on top of this page. There is a new user named sunipod123, and I can delete the user if odd things persist, or if the new user starts using the forum as a advertizing vehicle, but I wonder if you have seen the odd things (name sunipod123 showing up on the page window for topics that so far do not include any posts by sunipod123) and I wonder if you have any idea what is going on with the forum.
There was another user couple of weeks ago. He posted 2 advertisement topic. I deleted both a banned him. All of that should be in the forum logs if they do exist.

If the tool and the person were one and the same thing, why would there be any need for two words?
Assuming the usage is justified...

The gun did it.

The government did it.

The deceit/threats/violence did it.

The disagreement lies in generalization. We talk about social parasitism in general. Not particular occasions or first layer of onion, right? Otherwise I totally see your point.

I saw that video of that event where the car drives by, and goes off the cliff, and my first thought was to wonder why that person doing the recording of the video was recording the video instead of stepping in the way of the car
Nice one. And relevant at that. I'll think of what can be said. I'll try to incorporate what I meant next time. For now - I'm boiling alive and can't think straight.