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 Posted: Sun Apr 13th, 2014 04:11 pm
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The common law rancher, who was born naturally with a name, a good name, was not going to wait for the cows to come home, he went out and saved those cows from the evil bandits before those criminals could slaughter and bury the evidence, covering up their heinous crimes.
A steward of all that is good, nurturing, providing, helping, earning good life on earth had his, and his loving families sustenance stolen from him.
And then a modern standoff at a modern OK Corral ended as the good guys dodged that bullet.
It was a close call.
It was broadcast live to the whole world.
It was another Ruby Ridge, another Waco, set into play by the criminals running that show.
This time too history is written by the winners of that battle, but this time the criminals did not get away with their stolen loot.
This time too history is written by the good guys.
The battle is not over.