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 Posted: Tue Apr 4th, 2017 07:06 pm
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The original (not the counterfeit) meaning of democracy was the meaning exemplified by the following quote: "That is why the Athenians saw elections as an oligarchical rather than a democratic phenomenon. Above all, the Athenians feared the prospect of government officials forming a privileged class with separate interests of their own. Through reliance on sortition, random selection by lot, the Council could be guaranteed to represent a fair cross-section of the Athenian people — a kind of proportional representation, as it were. Random selection ensured that those selected would be representatives of the people as a whole, whereas selection by vote made those selected into mere representatives of the majority." The modern (counterfeit) definition of democracy is a spin on the might makes right claim made by all would be tyrants. The original meaning of republic is also opposite many modern attempts to counterfeit, or re-define, the original meaning: res (thing) public (people as a whole), or republic, is the whole people as one forming a government. So...democracy and republic were once shared meanings, which is exemplified by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, when they formed a political party in opposition to the falsely named Federalist Party. The party formed to oppose Nationalism hidden behind a false front of Federalism was the Democratic Republican Party, specifically formed in opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts. Read the Kentucky and Virgina Resolutions offered by James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. How can people join in their mutual defense when communication is rendered powerless by duplicitous words?