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 Posted: Mon Jan 29th, 2018 04:26 am
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"The word “democracy” never appears in the constitution. That was by design, as the framers did not want a democracy, they wanted a “republic” because they knew that majority rule was dangerous to individual freedoms and could turn into a mobocracy or rule by mob."

That is demonstrably false. The word magic at play here concerns original, grass-roots, organic meanings of words and - opposite - counterfeit meanings.

Democracy - for example - is a word that once meant the opposite of "electoral politics" see for example the democracy exemplified in Athens Greece during the Golden Age of Greece. There was no election of anyone unless the election was done by sortition: random selection from the whole number of people.

See also the perversion of the term Republic to mean anything that a despot may want it to mean one day, and then it may mean something else the next day. The original meaning of republic - in Latin - is THE PUBLIC TING: not special interest dictating whatever they want to everyone else: as they please.

The example that ought to be understood here is the example provided by the joining of a former Nationalist James Madison with a true Federalist Thomas Jefferson (Thomas Jefferson was falsely labeled an "anti" federalist), with their formation of the Democratic Republican Party in opposition to the Aristocratic Party (Nationalist Party falsely claimed as The Federalist Party) whose crimes included the First Fraudulent Bank of The United States Corporation, the Whiskey Excise Tax to pay for the fraudulent bank, The Whiskey Rebellion Aggressive War for Profit, and the Alien and Sedition Acts.

The democratic republicans (opposite meaning to the modern counterfeit meanings) wrote The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, which entered into the common law court of record the crimes perpetrated by the first 2 criminal Administrations of the Corporate United States (tm).

See also Thomas Paine's reports of these matters, in at least 2 published works.