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 Posted: Sun Feb 18th, 2018 08:19 pm
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The narrative can change officially when the people demand a return to rule of law, which is the common law, which includes some basic, common sense, principles. If any of these murders were to follow the due course of law, generating trial transcripts, then official facts would be public access information, which then supplies those facts to fill the demand for those facts, thereby changing the FAKE narrative (counterfeit) to fact based discussion.

As lies beget more lies, and as violence inspires more violence, the opposite direction works similarly, a smile is contagious, and the light of truth sparks a demand for more of the same.

If a public trial recorded information on public access transcripts, then the perpetrator of any murder, at a school or not, would afford anyone concerned about said murder the facts in that case. Was the murderer working for someone as a paid assassin? Was the murderer groomed for violence, including the use of drugs that are known to instill violent behavior into the individual? Were there more than one long gunman involved? Were there any military drills performed at that location at that time when the murderer, or murderers, murdered the victims? Where there any paid actors acting as "victims" or "witnesses" at that location, and if so who paid them to perform that service?