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 Posted: Tue Mar 20th, 2018 08:25 pm
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The constitutional republics (13 at the time of the founding which was 1775 to 1789) formed a federation of constitutional republics. The federation was not by definition a (singular) republic, since it was, in fact, a federation of republics. A republic is the public thing, as in of the people, by the people, and for the people, which is also a democracy. Democracy is rule by the people themselves, not rule by majority, minority, special interest, or foreign agents hiding behind effective deception known euphemistically as word magic.

The constitutional republics were consolidated into one despotic Nation State by the (false) Federalist Party during the usurpation known as The Constitutional Convention and subsequent RATification of the Slave Trade, Central Banking Fraud, War Monger, Constitution of 1787/89.

The so called (falsely called) Anti-Federalist like George Mason, Patrick Henry, and Richard Henry Lee, worked to amend the Slave Trade Constitution with a Bill of Rights. That amending process was done, but it was done after the Judiciary Act of 1789, which put in place these kangaroo (Admiralty/Equity/Exchequer) summary justice courts, moving away from rule of law, and working to subject people to dictatorship instead of people enforcing rule of law with the common laws known as "the law of the land," and "legem terrae," which include such principles as trial by the country (not summary justice), which is trial by jury, and innocence until proven guilty, etc.

So that is what happened to constitutional republics formed into a voluntary federation for mutual defense.