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 Posted: Fri Aug 10th, 2018 04:57 pm
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This is what happens when the criminals take-over government, and this was warned about by the so called founding fathers who were against that criminal take-over in 1789.

When the law of the land is in force by the people, then the people command all jurisdiction civil and criminal, in their county, common law, grand juries. The people have access to investigative powers, which include subpoena power, and if someone, especially a local county government agent, but including a national agent who enters the county to perpetrate crimes upon innocent people - if anyone - willfully causes injury to innocent people in that county, especially doing so with malice aforethought under the color of law, then the people can present the accused (presumed to be innocent) with their trial by jury.

The presumption of innocence is no longer a presumption when the people, through their trial juries, determine what is or is not guilt, what is or is not law, what is or is not fact, and what is or is not just as remedy, restitution, redemption, fine, or other forms of punishment.

Since the criminals have taken-over then the people have to pay these criminals (under the color of law) while they persecute innocent members of the people, and then when those victims hold those criminals to account, those criminals make the people pay more, so as to bribe the victims, and avoid lawful prosecution by the people, lawful prosecution where the criminals (under the color of law) are on trial for their crimes against the people under the color of law; in a word: treason.