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 Posted: Fri Aug 31st, 2018 11:15 pm
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"I hope you find some place to live as you want to."

I am going to assume that the above is directed at me, which then leads me to make the follow observations.

1. I try to make the best of whatever I face, so that statement is, to me, inappropriate.
2. Why would someone assume that someone else fails to make the best of whatever they face?
3. Is the statement quoted above a claim made by the author whereby the target of the author, who is me, has started a campaign of demonization? The target, me, is some sort of utopian dreamer that will not likely ever "find some place to live as you want."
4. No attempt was made to answer the very serious questions that affect our temporal salvation.

The following questions are questions that affect our temporal salvation.

1. We now are similarly diverse from one end of a moral perspective to the other end, and is it not useful to know the difference accurately?

2. Is it not useful to have a process by which facts, and guilt, and remedy, is found, and found accurately?

3. Did the warmonger, slave trading, central banking fraud criminal political party known falsely as the "Federalist Party," willfully, and with malice aforethought, take from the people the known method by which criminals are found, tried, and offered a remedy, redemption, or if there is no possibility of remedy, said convicted criminal is deemed outside the law?

4. If our best hope of a prosperous future, in peace, in a perishable liberty, is to regain our tried and true method of accurately discriminating between fact and fiction, law and outlaw, remedy and destructive revenge, then ought we not at least acknowledge that fact, even if we car not to do anything about it?