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 Posted: Tue Sep 4th, 2018 05:34 pm
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"It was found to be a conspiracy theory with no evidence of fact."

Who found what to be a conspiracy theory?

If anyone claiming to be an authority of government obstructs an effort by the people, through their grand juries, to bring someone in government, such as Hilary or Bill Clinton, to answer for their alleged crimes, then the claim of authority is false, and the one obstructing due process is a criminal in fact.

The problem is that almost all government since 1789 in America obstructs when it is a government agent perpetrating crimes. That proceeded that way by design.
The proof of this is proven in each case where a subject of government is processed one way, and a member of the government is processed in an entirely different way: a double standard.


1. Lavoy Finicum is found guilty by the government and sentenced to death by the government.

2. The one who obeyed the order to kill Lavoy Finicum is found innocent by those who ordered the execution.