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 Posted: Thu Sep 6th, 2018 11:29 pm
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Blaming Satan for the willful actions of living examples of life, such as blaming Satan for whatever Hillary Clinton has done, is a routine process called diversion.

While defensive minded people are thereby misdirected to defend against Satan, instead of Hilary Clinton, that actual devil Hilary Clinton is afforded every opportunity to continue her crime spree.

There has been, and is, an effective way to hold actual people to account for the willful injuries that they cause to innocent people: Rule of Law.

It might be a good idea to know that that Rule of Law stuff is exactly.

Here is one possible source of useful information for those who prefer to avoid being misdirected:

“This is how we get corruption out of our country.”

That is one of many sources of information that may inspire actual people to actually start defending themselves from the actual criminals who routinely perpetrates crimes under the color of law.