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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2018 08:11 pm
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"It has become apparent that the process of governing our country by the cooperation between opposing political parties is collapsing."

When the criminals took-over the existing federation (voluntary association for mutual defense under the common law), doing so by fraud, threats, and committing treason, they, those criminals called The Federalist Party, created this divide, so as to conquer, situation that is commented upon in such messages as the one quoted above: who expects opposing political parties to cooperate?

I think it is a contradiction in terms, those who are opposed are opposed or they would not be opposed. Those who cooperate, cooperate, or they would not be cooperating.

Put in other words:

"Whether national government will be productive of internal peace, is too uncertain to admit of decided opinion. I only hazard a conjecture when I say, that our state disputes, in a confederacy, would be disputes of levity and passion, which would subside before injury. The people being free, government having no right to them, but they to government, they would separate and divide as interest or inclination prompted - as they do at this day, and always have done, in Switzerland. In a national government, unless cautiously and fortunately administered, the disputes will be the deep-rooted differences of interest, where part of the empire must be injured by the operation of general law; and then should the sword of government be once drawn (which Heaven avert) I fear it will not be sheathed, until we have waded through that series of desolation, which France, Spain, and the other great kingdoms of the world have suffered, in order to bring so many separate States into uniformity, of government and law; in which event the legislative power can only be entrusted to one man (as it is with them) who can have no local attachments, partial interests, or private views to gratify. "

That is a work titled: New Constitution Creates A National Government; Will Not Abate Foreign Influence; Dangers Of Civil War And Despotism

Those comments were offered as a statement of the obvious, at least obvious to some.