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 Posted: Tue Oct 2nd, 2018 12:51 am
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“The so called collapse of the two party system isn’t coming about because the democrats have moved too far left. It’s come about because every time the democrats moved farther left, the republican moved left also.”

What is left in context concerning the above message?

If by “left” the meaning is the same meaning as a criminal organization under the color of law, then I think that the message has meaning.

“Republicans moved to the center, then beyond.”

Ron Paul, as far as I know, is the only one I know who represents the whole people, the public, as in res-publica (the public thing), and therefore he is a republican. All the others, again, as far as I know, are republican in name only, and once they are seen as naked as they are, as emperors without clothes, who say one thing so as to gain power, and do the opposite once power is gained.

Vote for me to end the criminal wars of aggression, they say to gain power. Once in power they start or continue wars of aggression: a crime perpetrated by the British to subjugate Americans under their dictatorial rule, and a crime perpetrated by Nazis.

The right versus left scale applies only to those democrats in name only, along with those republicans in name only, as those posers take control of the criminal organization that operates so well under disguise. Left in that context means more overt criminal acts, less plausible deniability, and moving more to the right in that context means less overt criminal acts with more plausible deniability: it is easier to imagine the clothes worn by the Emperors moving to the right on the organized crime (under the color of law) scale.

Why this is hard to see I don’t know, it was once common knowledge.