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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2018 02:25 pm
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"Roger filed action in court against the city for violating multiple Montana Statutes, Election Laws and the Constitution of Montana."

What was the action? Was it merely a complaint, or was it information which lawfully leads to a presentment indicting a defendant or two or three, or more? If it is information which lawfully leads to defendants receiving indictments, yet nothing but further crimes were perpetrated in response to the information, then there is no law, and the proper, lawful, response is as was stated:

" the principle of government by the people, and shut the door once and for all, on what has become “government by the government?”"

The problem always is which people step up to the plate to regulate, re-establish, restore, resume, government by the people, which is the government. People are caught so tightly in this legal fiction fraud that people actually believe the government is separate from people.

What is mandamus? What is quo warranto? When the people running organized crime call themselves the government their actions constitute crimes as a matter of fact: information that ought to lead to defendants presented with indictments in common law trial by the country, trial by the people.

It is ridiculous to claim that criminals will suddenly turn into actual government agents based upon their own moral conscience, yet that appears to be the normal response to this type of rampant criminality perpetrated under the color of law. Complain about it and those perpetrators will fix the government; really?

So...hold your breath waiting for criminals in government to apply law - accurate accountability - upon themselves, and go on expecting that outcome to happen for the first time ever. That solution works well enough depending upon which side of the moral fence you plant yourself firmly.

"No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury..."

What does that mean exactly? What does that mean in the context of people (not a "City") violating the statutes that govern people in offices of a town, city, county, Nation State, or Federation of Nation States? It means that the people occupying grand juries investigate civil and criminal allegations and when there is probable cause defendants are presented with indictments, to put the accused on trial by law.

Why is that news to anyone, and how many people these days are ever ready to censor (shoot the messenger) when that information is presented to them? How many people refuse to admit that they are the government, and therefore they ought to do as was claimed in this article:

" the principle of government by the people, and shut the door once and for all, on what has become “government by the government?”"

There is a tried and true process by which that goal is secured, but willful ignorance is a very powerful force.