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 Posted: Thu Sep 19th, 2019 04:17 pm
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Clear to me, as someone not on a lawful jury, but as someone who has been on a jury, and as someone who is potentially going to sit on another jury, the criminals, in this case, are felons, because they counterfeit government, they are government imposters: treason.

Fraudulently using the power of government to gain personal advantage at the expense of innocent private individuals is organized crime under the color of law, it is subsidized slavery, it is not a so-called republic. Res-publica means the public thing, not the special interest con game.

If it were government then a member of the public could gain access to government and have these felons put before the country in a trial by jury. Anyone can authorize themselves to act in defense of anyone, anytime, anyplace, peacefully, and the government is in place to serve the purpose of securing innocent people in peace against these types of felons who are imposters falsely claiming to be the government.

The truth of the matter is clear when these imposters falsely claiming to be the government collude and cooperate with each other to effectively consume innocent individuals for fun and profit.

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can lawfully authorized themselves as a government agent, working for the protection of the public, in a republic, and at least discover, document, and place before the people’s panel (a grand jury) the facts that matter in any case: to prosecute offenders so as to protect the innocent, and to maintain the peace all the while.

If it is for the people, then the people decide if it is for the people, and they do so through their juries. If it is for the people, it is a republic.

That is the meaning of a republic: for the public, for the people who constitute The Public.

If it is for special interests, then it is counterfeit, fraud, and felony.

Claiming that it is a republic, against all the information that clearly proves otherwise, is either ignorance (actus reus), or falsehood out of malice (mens rea), but the false claim, either way, does the same damage, aiding and abetting the felons by giving support to their lies.

A simple test can prove the case.

Can someone gain access to a Grand Jury, in that county, to have independent Grand Jurors investigate the case, and potentially present the accused with a court date?

If the answer is no, it is not a republic.

If the answer is no, the grand jury in that county is controlled by a government prosecutor, then it is not a republic. In a republic the people determine the facts in any case, not the government. Especially in a case involving accusations against members of the government, it is not a republic if members of the government, not members of the people, determine the validity of an accusation against members of the government. How stupid can people get in fact?

If the answer is no, the felons who are perpetrating treason in that county will collude to protect and serve themselves and hand the productive people (The Public) in that county a bill for the costs of protecting and serving those felons with fake badges, then it is clearly not a republic and all the paperwork needed to prosecute the case is - in fact - written by the perpetrators themselves. The perpetrators confess by their words - in fact - and the perpetrators confess by their felonious actions, on official looking paper, and with official looking badges: in fact.

Clearly it is not a republic, what is the cause for falsely claiming that it is? What is the motive for falsely claiming that it is a republic when clearly it is not a republic? Does it depend upon what the word is: is?