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 Posted: Mon Aug 8th, 2016 08:31 am
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Joe Kelley

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The simple answer is to hold each other accurately accountable: our responsibility/duty to posterity. The law of the land in America is spelled out in the federal records as the common law: the first congress. That means trial by the country or trial by jury. Trial by jury was the ancient method of removing the errors of human nature (to the extent that human's are capable of doing so) by a process of demanding unanimity (of all the moral people) in judgment of moral right and wrong. The process employed statistical (mathematical) probabilities (improved, adapted, over long periods of time) of polling or determining through random sampling of portions of the whole number of people (sortation or "by lot") as to that unanimity of judgment. In other words the problem of dictators dictating their will according to their pleasure was replace (adaptively) with the will of the unanimous agreement of the whole country of people through the process that became known as the common law (trial by jury) in America during the voluntary mutual defense association founding (the founding of the original American Federation), and knowing that affords anyone the knowledge needed to return back to moral life (moral government) and stop traveling deeper into absolute despotism: immoral life.

The simple answer is to volunteer for jury duty in an accurate, responsible, moral way: or moral process. In other words it is the duty of free people to volunteer for their own defense (for posterity too) and the way to do so (at a minimum) is to learn the common law, due process, known as trial by jury.

In particular (devil in the details): along with every moral individual volunteering to add their moral judgment to the process of holding each other to an accurate accounting (trial by the country = the law of the land = due process) as jurors there is a missing position required to move the process (due process) along in a moral manner, as it was done, when it was done, the moral way, in ancient history, and in American history leading up to the founding of the voluntary mutual defense association (federation) that began officially with a Declaration of Independence.

I found that missing position (office, duty, job, employment, power, jurisdiction, whatever you want to call it) in the writings of Thomas Jefferson.

When trial by the country (the law of the land) worked there were petty (petit) jurors volunteering to do their duty as the voice of the (moral) people. That is known even to most of the people today, but missing from common knowledge is the need to fulfil the employment of a common law office known as justice of the peace, or magistrate. So please get this straight. Common knowledge is the reality of the office of petty juror, and common knowledge is the office of county sheriff, but no longer is it common knowledge (the missing link) that each county requires the filling of the offices of justices of the peace. From these offices (magistrates = justices of the peace) are the people who constitute grand juries. Grand juries are the courts from which accusations are validated or invalidated (specious, frivolous, etc.), and issued from these common law courts (not Admiralty, Maritime, Nisi Prius, Exchequer, Equity, "Family", Summary Justice Courts), are official presentments (indictments) issued by these employees (volunteers) of the people in the law of the land: common law/trial by jury/trial by the country; our way of keep each other on the moral side of the imaginary fence. When we accuse each other there is a process by which accusations see the light of day, and the accusation is moved through due process toward trial by the country. On the other hand, when the criminals take over, they counterfeit that office, turning that office into a kangaroo court.

Take for example a modern day problem such as the (now historical) confrontation between so called BLM agents and cattle ranchers in Oregon where LaVoy Finicum was killed. Roll back time to the moment when people in that county were forming common law committees of safety concerning the building up of military forces that included federal military forces, state military forces, organized militia forces (Oath Keepers, 3 Percenters, etc.), and unorganized militia forces which included agent provocateurs posing as "militia." During that time there was information concerning a witness claiming that he saw, with his own eyes, BLM (so called) agents set a fire (arson) intending to injure a family of ranchers: Hammonds.

Missing from the common law process, at that moment, was the knowledge of how to form a common law grand jury. What should have been done (what can be done in every county right now) is a resolution made by the formed safety committee to elect an appropriate number of county magistrates (justices of the peace) from which a common law grand jury would then be formed so as to investigate the validity of the accusation made by the witness who saw the BLM agent perpetrate arson against the Hammond family.

It was (is) too late in many counties to keep the peace when the peace is disturbed to the point at which military forces on many "sides" are building up, confronting each other peacefully (in the Oregon example) and confronting each other violently: Waco or The Battle of Athens Tennessee, and of course the Civil War serve as examples of what happens when people forget, ignore, their duty to keep the peace in the common law manner, which is the manner involving these duties, these offices, in common law, such as petty juror, justices of the peace, and county sheriff.

It is not too late to begin educating each other on the requirement of this office. Most people are currently dumbfounded when confronting with the information I am offering to you now, but the pieces fit so well that those who are at that point where they are forming committees of safety, or at a point where they are at least looking for these missing pieces, are those who may see what is easily seen.

It is not possible to expect a gang of criminals (under the color of law) to police themselves. They will give themselves immunity: they are above the law that they claim to be the source of their authority, which is a confession of guilt in fact: inculpatory evidence produced by the perpetrator red handed. So whose job is it to accuse these people of these obvious crimes as exemplified in the example of a so called BLM agent perpetrating arson against the Hammond family of ranchers in Oregon? What happens to an accusation when an accusation is made by whoever makes an accusation? The example that comes to mind is the accusation that H. Clinton perpetrated (at least) perjury. The guilty criminal (a trial by the country is based upon presumption of innocence NOT criminals currently perpetrating crimes in broad daylight where everyone can see their crimes) is accused of a crime and other guilty criminals protect the one accused of the crime, so now there are 2 guilty criminals perpetrating crimes in broad daylight, and no one knows what to do about it?

If one county begins to reform grand juries by the book, which is to elect justices of the peace in each county, and from that pool of magistrates are formed grand juries to validate accusations in that county, then in that county these criminals will face a sheriff armed with an indictment, and the sheriff has posse comitatus jurisdiction (powers in common law) to call up all the forces building in that county. So these criminals can no longer perpetrate their crimes (perjury, arson, murder, torture, mass murder, pedophilia, necrophilia, and who knows what else at this point) with impunity in that county, then the next, then the next, as the news travels concerning the actual law of the land, how it works, why it works, when it works, where it works, the way it is supposed to work.

I can offer references if asked.


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