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 Posted: Fri Nov 23rd, 2018 01:28 pm
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"Machiavelli's outlook was darkly pessimistic; the one element of St Augustine's thought which he wholeheartedly endorsed was the idea of original sin. As he puts it starkly in the same chapter 18 of The Prince, men are bad. This means that to deal with them as if they were good, honourable or trustworthy is to court disaster. In the Discourses (I,3) the point is repeated: 'all men are bad and are ever ready to display their malignity'. This must be the initial premise of those who play to found a republic. The business of politics is to try and salvage something positive from this unpromising conglomerate, and the aim of the state is to check those anarchic drives which are a constant threat to the common good. This is where The Prince fits into the spectrum of his wider thought: while a republic may be his preferred form of social organization, the crucial business of founding or restoring a state can only be performed by one exceptional individual."
Introduction in my copy of The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

In this chapter my intention is to explain what I have learned about the criminal path as that path is covered-up with a false claim of lawful authority.

Normal people and abnormal people turn to crime because there is no effective defense against it, and because the best of the lot, when everyone inspires everyone else to turn to crime - the best of that lot of criminals - are those who get to raise their pay rate at will: even the sky is no limit. The best of that lot of criminals inevitably turn out to be the clinical psychopaths born without a conscience, and sociopaths who have managed to completely destroy their own natural born moral conscience. The best of that lot make might (evil) right, because they say so, and you had better agree, you had better join, you had better take the oath of allegiance to falsehood without question, or you might as well end your life quickly without suffering much, or you will be made an example of just exactly what torture actually means in real time.

"It is not merely the number of impeachments, that are to be expected to make public officers honest and attentive in their business. A general opinion must pervade the community, that the house, the body to impeach them for misconduct, is disinterested, and ever watchful for the public good; and that the judges who shall try impeachments, will not feel a shadow of biass. Under such circumstances, men will not dare transgress, who, not deterred by such accusers and judges, would repeatedly misbehave. We have already suffered many and extensive evils, owing to the defects of the confederation, in not providing against the misconduct of public officers. When we expect the law to be punctually executed, not one man in ten thousand will disobey it: it is the probable chance of escaping punishment that induces men to transgress. It is one important mean to make the government just and honest, rigidly and constantly to hold, before the eyes of those who execute it, punishment, and dismission from office, for misconduct. These are principles no candid man, who has just ideas of the essential features of a free government, will controvert."
Federal Farmer, Richard Henry Lee, 6th President of the United States of America, before the criminals took over, and someone opposing that criminal take-over.

Criminals are afforded all they need to turn to crime when the criminals counterfeit the process by which criminals are held to account for their crimes. The gate to crime is wide open when the criminals turn rule of law into rule by criminal means under the color of law. When the criminals take-over government, crime pays very well. When the criminals take-over government, fake government jobs become the only jobs worth having, as the slaves are made to labor, and the slavers, who set their own pay rate, are taxed with the labor required to maintain the false front, and the work required to keep the slaves in line. That is the recipe for Empire, to enslave everyone who produces anything worth stealing, but to do so many middle managers are needed, to entice them into the Empire business the middle management personal are financially better off than the slaves, at the expense of their moral conscience, and once the tide turns, and there are no longer enough productive slaves, and there are too many slavers, the Empire enters the falling stage, while the best of the best move to greener pastures, because they have rooted out the lion's share of anything worth stealing, including your children. A ready made greener pasture has already been planted, in advance, and it is ripe and ready for harvesting, as was America at that moment the criminals took over in 1789.

This process of counterfeiting government is exemplified very well, in America, when the criminals actually got away with subsidizing the African slave trade. To be less indirect, and more to the point, this example can be called what it is: the American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree. The crime spree was not effectively defended against. The crime spree was not overpowered by moral people. The crime spree was not called out for what it was in no uncertain terms by people employing their common moral law process: trial by jury. The crime spree was subsidized instead of being prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The crime spree continues today under the fake name of National Citizenship, which is debt slavery. So those who may remain on a amoral fence, fabricated out of ignorance and lies, can stay on that fence where might just might make right, as Machiavelli contends, and Liberty might only work if the mighty run the collective public thing, but to do so, to stay firmly planted on that fence, you must destroy that natural born power of accurate discernment, that same power that affords you the wisdom to choose what is good from what is bad, what is true from what is false, for you, or anyone else, as you built, and build, that imaginary fence, with each layer of lies, and each layer of looking the other way while murder victims are piled onto that same fence.

"For the most trifling reasons, and sometimes for no conceivable reason at all, his majesty has rejected laws of the most salutary tendency. The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies, where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state. But previous to the enfranchisement of the slaves we have, it is necessary to exclude all further importations from Africa; yet our repeated attempts to effect this by prohibitions, and by imposing duties which might amount to a prohibition, have been hitherto defeated by his majesty’s negative: Thus preferring the immediate advantages of a few African corsairs to the lasting interests of the American states, and to the rights of human nature, deeply wounded by this infamous practice. Nay, the single interposition of an interested individual against a law was scarcely ever known to fail of success, though in the opposite scale were placed the interests of a whole country. That this is so shameful an abuse of a power trusted with his majesty for other purposes, as if not reformed, would call for some legal restrictions. . . "​
Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British America, August 1745 ​

The more direct forms of slavery are more easily identified as crimes. Labor slavery is more easily identified as a crime compared to debt slavery, but both are crimes, and both have been subsidized in American history, both are part of the American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree, a crime spree paid for by your ancestors.

"With you rests the power of perpetuating or destroying slavery. It lives by your sufferance, it dies at your mandate. We are well aware that these assertions will be received by you and others with surprise and incredulity. But we ask your attention to the following considerations and statistics." ​
Address to the Non-Slaveholders of the South on the Social and Political Evils of Slavery, Lewis Tappan, 1843​

Despite all the costs expended by the slavers to cover-up the subsidizing of African slavery, the fact remains that no amount of cover-up can deceive the slaves themselves. That is an obvious fact today, that was an obvious fact in 1789, yet the criminal African slavers actually managed to get their crime spree subsidized. They had help, obviously.

"The clause, too, reprobating the enslaving the inhabitants of Africa, was struck out in complaisance to South Carolina and Georgia, who had never attempted to restrain the importation of slaves, and who, on the contrary, still wished to continue it. Our northern brethren also, I believe felt a little tender under those censures; for, though their people had very few slaves themselves, yet they had been pretty considerable carriers of them to others."
In the Writings of Thomas Jefferson, Vol. I. p. 10

The criminal slavers had to convince enough people that it was justified to work for a living and have the fruits of your labor placed in the hands of the National slavers, so that the National savers could then maintain their American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree on schedule.

In order to create the illusion of legality, the slavers must make criminals out of the slaves, and that process ends up with too many criminals, and not enough slaves. Otherwise good people, normal people, moral people, were made to pay for the enslavement of innocent people; that is accessory to that crime in point of fact. If law means anything, then it means doing onto others as you would have others do unto you, so paying for the enslavement of innocent people means that you are paying for your own enslavement. I don't know how to spell this out any clearer, but other's have.

"The abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison thought the U.S. Constitution was the result of a terrible bargain between freedom and slavery. Calling the Constitution a "covenant with death" and "an agreement with Hell," he refused to participate in American electoral politics because to do so meant supporting "the pro-slavery, war sanctioning Constitution of the United States." Instead, under the slogan "No Union with Slaveholders," the Garrisonians repeatedly argued for a dissolution of the Union.
Part of Garrison's opposition to continuing the Union stemmed from a desire to avoid the corruption that came from participating in a government created by the proslavery Constitution. But this position was also at least theoretically pragmatic. The Garrisonians were convinced that the legal protection of slavery in the Constitution made political activity futile, while support for the Constitution merely strengthened the stranglehold slavery had on America. In 1845 Wendell Phillips pointed out that in the years since the adoption of the Constitution, Americans had witnessed "the slaves trebling in numbers—slaveholders monopolizing the offices and dictating the policy of the Government-prostituting the strength and influence of the Nation to the support of slavery here and elsewhere—trampling on the rights of the free States, and making the courts of the country their tools." Phillips argued that this experience proved "that it is impossible for free and slave States to unite on any terms, without all becoming partners in the guilt and responsible for the sin of slavery."
Garrison's Constitution, The Covenant with Death and How It Was Made, by Paul Finkelman

The process by which innocent people are made into victims and innocent people are made to become guilty criminals, or inspired to become guilty criminals, is more clearly exemplified with the National Subsidized African Slave Trade than with the more covert National Debt Slave Crime Spree, but both involve the same principle crimes, both are part of the American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree. Criminals target innocent victims, criminals aggressively assault some of their targets to get the other's in line, criminals force their targets to transfer power to the criminals. The same power that is created by the productive victims are powers turned into powers that enslave their victims. Good that is good for creating more good - higher quality and lower cost of living for posterity - becomes good that is employed to consume posterity. In the easier to expose case of African Slavery the aggressive assault phase is more obviously violent, and in the less easily exposed Debt Slavery case the aggressive assault is more often just a threat of violence or a few well publicized examples of aggressive violence. Extortion, by any other name, is still a criminal enterprise: so-called "protection money" as illustrated in Hollywood movies about criminal gangs. When the "government" is the gang perpetrating the crime, it does not, by magic wand, become anything other than a crime: extortion, terror, mayhem, battery, torture, murder, and mass murder, all for the sake of extracting power from the target victims, and all done while maintaining an air of authority, a color of law. Just adding fraud to the list, or if you prefer adding treason to the list, does not, by fiat, change a crime into a public good.

Labor slavery, which now includes slavery called human trafficking, is less easily covered up with deceptions compared to debt slavery. All forms of slavery are covered-up, none are prosecuted, none are defended against, and of all the forms of slavery debt slavery remains to this day a well covered fraud; a well covered treason. Debt slavery is less easily exposed as a criminal deception; a deception perpetrated by people claiming to be the government. I will work to uncover these crimes by fake government, these forms of slavery perpetrated by criminal people fraudulently claiming to be the government, criminals who treasonously claim to be enslaving people for the public good. If people can get past the treasonous claim that the African Slave Trade is worthy of subsidizing, aiding, abetting, then it stands to reason that some fine day in the distant future, people can also get past the treasonous claim that Debt Slave Trade is worthy of subsidizing, aiding, abetting, and passing onto posterity.

If all men are bad, then those who elect themselves to be in control of all men, these people claiming to be authorized as authorities, princes, aristocrats, governors, judges, etc., are also bad. But that is a lie, a demonstrable falsehood. It reasons out that these people claiming that all men are bad, are bad people, they are either knowing lying, or they are flawed. They may assume that since they are being told that they, themselves are bad, then by that thinking all people are just as bad, a projection of their evil onto everyone else. They may also be clinical psychopaths, meaning that their genetic make-up is absent a moral imperative, which thereby means that anyone not agreeing with their version of right is by that disagreement wrong. Anything done - at all - by a sociopath is right in their view. Anything they do anytime for any reason is right according to a clinical sociopath, and anything anyone ever does against them is bad, because they are the absolute judge of everything, as they have no capacity for sympathy, empathy, or placing themselves in another's shoes. Empathy, sympathy, and moral conscience is the genetic basis of moral law: see Mathew 7:12 and the Golden Rule. Psychopaths only know, by nature, their exclusive version of law that works one way for themselves, and the opposite way for anyone else. They, the psychopaths, will inevitably set-up a system intended "...to be the most complete, most abject system of slavery that the wit of man ever devised, under pretense of forming a government for free States..," because that is their counterfeit version of morality.

These bad men, who directly and indirectly confess their malignity, and thereby their evil intent, are inspired toward a confession of their malignity, as confessed by Machiavelli, because they compete with all bad men to see which one is the worst; a reasonable consequence of a counterfeit moral imperative. This process of competing to see which evil is the greater, which evil is the more powerful evil version, this evil that will subjugate all lesser evils, this greater evil must - as a rule - eventually confess its true colors. This process can be viewed by anyone along the way as people are turned from natural born moral people, turned into evil people, with a quick look, and candid evaluation, of the phrase Might makes Right.

If the word might is replaced with the word truth (or accurate accountability if the word "truth" is compromised in your viewpoint: truth means untruth), then the phrase becomes truth makes right, or accurate accountability makes right, and in truth accurate accountability is mighty enough to expose all those people who would be inspired toward evil, rendering those evil people powerless (less mighty) in the face of accurate accountability. The example provided here is an example of accurate accountability, but it does not work on people who insist upon looking the other way when evil makes evil in false advertisement slogans like might somehow making right. If you insist upon viewing ambiguity as an justifiable excuse for people to extract confessions from innocent people by torture, or any means necessary in the National Interest, then none of the information in this book will ring true to you, instead the information in this book will be as kryptonite is said to affect Superman, or as sunlight is said to affect Vampires, or as claiming the naked Emperor is naked affects the sycophants who are ordered to see the Emperors new clothes that do not exist, or as that pulling of the curtain covering the Wizard of Oz demonstrates the truth to anyone caring to know the truth about just how much power that Wizard commands actually in real time.

In a system of institutionalized slavery, which includes labor slavery, and debt slavery, those seeking power in that system must, as a rule, become the masters of all the bad people. How could they possibly avoid that necessity since they, as a matter of fact, must destroy the process by which bad people are held to account, and avoided, or deterred. Since they create a system by which rule of law is null and void, by default they create a system rife with evil men; evil men competing to gain control of the Empire. It is a price of admission that they must confess, but they do so with half truths. Those half truths are created by malevolent people and then distributed among the moral people, the malevolent people know the routine, they are not fooled themselves. A candid appraisal of which evil is greater must be an acknowledgement that the greater evil is not fooled by their own lies. Those who remain moral, to any degree worthy of the powerful measure of might, will perpetually categorize the half truths as half truths, maintaining the demarcation line intact, truth on one side, and whatever is missing or false on the other side, clearly, accurately, and beyond doubt. Morality if it is in fact a power, a might, it is mighty, and powerful, because it is a power to know and employ accurate accounting of the facts. Those who are captured into the web of falsehood are those who fail to maintain the delineation, prejudice, discrimination, distinction, between true, missing truth, and demonstrable falsehood. Normal, moral, people are turned, step by step, into sociopaths as moral people are inspired to accept half truths and lies. Might, which in the case of might making right, is murder, the whole truth. Murder is incrementally turned from a crime into a public duty, and that is a factual account easily exposed in the case of the American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree​. Murder is intentionally made into a public duty that, in the examples provided by every criminal posing as the government, requires a special individual. Murder by government agent is not a duty that can be afforded to anyone, so say the psychopaths, and as it is repeated by the sociopaths and sycophants. A public license to murder can only be afforded to "one exceptional individual." The psychopath is that one exceptional individual. That is a clear truth, beyond reasonable doubt for some. What about others? The James Bond example of a license to kill is a cut and dried confession of malevolence, but not an easy to see confession of malevolence if you have been turned, incrementally, into the grey area perceived by a sociopath. A sociopath is someone being turned into a malevolent zombie, bit by these many lies that construct these many falsehoods.

In a slave system the goal must be to become the most effective slave master, and failing that goal, those men-turned-bad who are working this system must settle for a position as one of the slaves, or find a way to be the master. The masters will inevitably be the psychopaths, or a sociopath that has managed to overcome any weakness associated with natural morality in the work of Empire building.

In a slave system everyone is enslaved, even the masters. That is the truth. The concept of becoming a malevolent zombie, so as to then capture the throne, to then, as a malevolent zombie, to suddenly regain command of morality, and use the slave system to tear down the slave system, is pure fiction. The truth is that many people are on both sides of the imaginary fence, and many people are in the middle sitting firmly on the imaginary fence, and those who operate the slave system have learned, a long time ago, that it must be kept in this delicate balance, otherwise there will be no productivity, as everyone would be too busy cutting each other's throat, or defending against having their throat cut, to be able to do any productive work whatsoever: the last rat on the sinking ship scenario. So the balance must be kept, and in order to do so, those generations upon generations of psychopaths, sociopaths, and sycophants, as documented in The Prince, learn what must be done to maintain that balance. There must be a hero, a benevolent dictator, and that hero running that slave system is attacked, on a schedule, by yet another dictator, as the greater evil meets the lesser evil, and the slaves are whipped into a frenzy to produce all the means necessary to pump and dump the evils in a pogrom called war. Those in charge set up the pogrom, have their slaves cut each other's throats routinely, and the Prince Prescribes a new start in a new land with greener pastures while the pogrom, the culling, proceeds on schedule in the old world. Empire rises while Empire falls, and one is on deck. This is supported factually, with many accurate accounts, just as the American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree​ is supported factually, in this account, but those in charge are mighty, so the slaves, if they prefer independence, have to regrow their conscience, get a clue, and hold each other to an accurate accounting of the facts that matter.

This truth is reinforced in scripture. It is warned that joining a violently criminal gang is a sure fire way of injuring yourself, as your capacity for knowing good from bad is destroyed in the criminal process of consuming victims. Whatever capacity was born into the individual to know what is good for himself is destroyed by that choice to turn onto the path of crime. Even the most efficient slave master, issuing all the direct orders to all the slaves, issuing those orders that must be obeyed without question, is a slave himself, having total dependence upon the slaves, for the masters of slaves have an enormous work load, a never ending requirement to maintain absolute power over each successive competitor seeking to gain absolute power. How could there be a moment of peace for the most effective slave master? At that moment of peace enjoyed by the slave master, at that very moment, the next pretender to the throne will be afforded the opportunity to strike.

Particulars concerning the methods required to create and maintain institutionalized, and subsidized slavery may reinforce the previous messages. Masters of labor slaves will be required to either kidnap new slaves, as old slaves are consumed, or breed them. It could be said that a slave buys a slave, but to say that is to help cover-up the crime. Even if I choose the words "receiving stolen property," as a means to communicate the act of transfer of the slave body, the act by which a slaver "buys" a slave becomes "receiving stolen property", evn if that is done in the effort to be more accurate, the fact remains that the transaction is a crime, a barefaced crime. A slave is not property, to be taken or received, a slave is a powerless victim, an undefended victim, and helping to cover that fact up, is aiding, abetting, a very serious crime, a crime "against human nature itself​."

Seizing control of a labor aged slave is a short term requirement faced by every criminal intending to enslave and consume the lives of slaves. The first kid kidnaped must be old enough to offset the cost of the kidnapping, or the criminal must have a store of wealth, or investors, to fund the initial costs of the intended criminal enterprise.

The long term choice of breeding slaves requires a number of years before the slave can labor effectively enough to offset the cost of maintaining the basic needs of the slave, let alone fund the rise of the masters to power over competitors in the enslavement business, and the rise of the masters power over more slaves.

The costs of raising slaves may be offset some by the leverage made available to the slave master with the fact that people, as a rule, do not want to see children harmed, so slave masters thereby create hostages when they breed slaves: obey or your children will be tortured.

Slave masters may want to introduce their own genetic constitution into the next generation of slaves, so as to increase the probability of dividing the slave population into factions, to keep the slave population fighting each other, instead of having the slave population unite in the fight against enslavement. Privilege can be afforded to the master's progeny, among the slaves, and arbitrary injury can terrify, and torture, the under-privileged, as clearly as black is black, and white is white.

How many bad men do you know now? How many are you aware of nearby you, whereby these men, like all men supposedly, are breeding another generation of slaves? Those questions lead into the more covert forms of slavery, and the power of falsehood. The power of falsehood is a power that can make all men and all women bad.

A Parasite City.

"Suppose 5,000 men to own $30,000 each; suppose these men to move, with their families, to some desolate place in the state, where there is no opportunity for the profitable pursuit of the occupations either of commerce, agriculture, or manufacturing! The united capital of these 5,000 men would be $150,000,000. Suppose, now, this capital to be safely invested in different parts of the state; suppose these men to be, each of them, heads of families, comprising, on an average, five persons each this would give us, in all, 25,000 individuals. A servant to each family would give us 5,000 persons more, and these added to the above number would give us 30,000 in all. Suppose, now, that 5,000 mechanics—shoemakers, bakers, butchers, etc.—should settle with their families in the neighborhood of these capitalists, in order to avail themselves of their custom. Allowing five to a family, as before, we have 25,000 to add to the above number. We have, therefore, in all, a city of 55,000 individuals, established in the most desolate part of the state. The people in the rest of the state would have to pay to the capitalists of this city six per cent on $150,000,000 every year; for these capitalists have, by the supposition, this amount out at interest on bond and mortgage, or other wise. The yearly interest on $150,000,000, at six per cent, is- $9,000,000. These wealthy individuals may do no useful work whatever, and, nevertheless, they levy a tax of $9,000,000 per annum on the industry of the state. The tax would be paid in this way. Some money would be brought to the new city, and much produce; the produce would be sold for money to the capitalists, and with the money thus obtained, added to the other, the debtors would pay the interest due the capitalists would have their choice of the best the state produces, and the mechanics of the city, who receive money from the capitalists, the next choice. Now, how would all this be looked upon by the people of the commonwealth? There would be a general rejoicing over the excellent market for produce which had grown up in so unexpected a place, and the people would suppose the existence of this city of financial horse-leeches to be one of the main pillars of the prosperity of the state.

"Each of these capitalists would receive yearly $1,800, the interest on $ 30,000, on which to live. Suppose he lives on $900, the half of his income, and lays the other half by to portion off his children as they come to marriageable age, that they may start also with $30,000 capital, even as he did. This $900 which he lays by every year would have to be invested. The men of business, the men of talent, in the state, would see it well invested for him. Some intelligent man would discover that a new railroad, canal, or other public work was needed; he would survey the ground, draw a plan' of the work, and make an estimate of the expenses; then he would go to this new city and interest the capitalists in the matter. The capitalists would furnish money, the people of the state would furnish labor; the people would dig the dirt, hew the wood, and draw the water. The intelligent man who devised the plan would receive a salary for superintending the work, the people would receive day's wages, and the capitalists would own the whole; for did they not furnish the money that paid for the construction? Taking a scientific view of the matter, we may suppose the capitalists not to work at all; for the mere fact of their controlling the money would insure all the results. We suppose them, therefore, not to work at all; we suppose them to receive, each of them, $1,800 a year; we suppose them to live on one-half of this, or $900, and to lay up the other half for their children. We suppose new-married couples to spring up, in their proper season, out of these families, and that these new couples start, also, each with a capital of $30,000. We ask now, is there no danger of this new city's absorbing unto itself the greater portion of the wealth of the state?

"There is no city in this commonwealth that comes fully up to this ideal of a fainéant and parasite city; but there is no city in the state in which this ideal is not more or less completely embodied." Mutual Banking, by W.B. Greene, 1850

Bad men include evil slavers. Evil slavers take-over governments. Slavers take-over governments so as to cover-up the crime of slavery. Criminal slavers, in command of the power to deter crime, enforce the institution of slavery instead, and to pay for all the costs of enforcing slavery the criminals tax everyone: subsidized slavery. But that is easier to see with the more covert form of slavery: labor slavery.

What about debt slavery?

If I had the power to add zeros to my bank account, doing so freely, free from lawful accountability, then I could thereby buy anything that can be purchased. I can not only buy my first slave, I can buy my investors too. I can buy people to look the other way, to make a killing investing in slavery, and I can negotiate with the most stringent negotiators and still manage to beat their price, because my bank account has no limit: name the price and I can double it. I can buy the ship to ship the slaves. I can buy the loyalty of the kidnappers. I can buy the means to indoctrinate the kids, and I can buy the breeders and give them orders to breed more kids to indoctrinate. There is nothing I cannot buy, save for the principles nurtured by moral people.

For the slavers there is a serious problem when dealing with people who live free in liberty. People who live free in liberty are not destitute, they are not starving, homeless, and desperate. People who live free in liberty will not sell out their grandmother for an obvious lie. When people maintain freedom in liberty it is falsehood that is scarce, because the people refuse to pay a dime for it, and those dimes add up. People who live free in liberty can afford to invest productively into higher standards of living, standard of living that rise on a regular basis, and standards of living that cost less over time: reducing the cost of living on a regular basis. So those people cannot be bought. If you think all men are bad, then search for the worst ones, you will find those worst ones on the ballot, and if you ignore your good neighbors, they will ignore you too, it is a function of natural laws, and it is the basis of agreeable laws agreed to by moral people.

What is required to keep the debt slave business alive, while good people still roam the earth? What is a required purchase, once the debt slave money is entered into the counterfeit bank account? What essential purchase must be made by those who seek to enslave mankind with debt slavery once the bank account is secure, and the slavers start adding zeros to their purchasing account?

Member banks, and member bankers, are needed, so those members of the American National Government Slave Trade Crime Spree​ must be purchased. Anyone who needs the power to purchase must be convinced of the need to join the club, to pay the price, and that price is interest, and when the Nation State is created, complete with a central banking extortion racket, that interest is the National Interest. That cannot happen without members buying into the pyramid scheme at a discount. The interest rate for member banks is lower, less costly, and the interest rate for the labor slaves is higher, labor slaves pay a higher cost to be members. None of the money is real, it is all fake, so all the interest is interestingly as fake, yet not one in a thousand debt slaves know that this is a crime spree, not one in a million know this deep down in their bones. A labor slave knows when the master cracks the whip, and the cut made by the whip goes down to the bone, but a debt slave smiles when his bank account grows by National Interest.

"Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, which are for all practical purposes, because of there interlocking activity and practices, and both being Banking Institutions Incorporated under the Laws of the United States, are in the Law to be treated as one and the same Bank, did create the entire 14,000.00 in money or credit upon its own books by bookkeeping entry. That this was the Consideration used to support the Note dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the same date. The money and credit first came into existence when they created it. Mr. Morgan admitted that no United States Law or Statute existed which gave him the right to do this. A lawful consideration must exist and be tendered to support the Note. See Anheuser-Bush Brewing co. V. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318. The Jury found there was no lawful consideration and I agree. Only God can create something of value out of nothing."
First National Bank of Montgomery, Plaintiff vs Jerome Daly, Defendant.

The National Interest is a process by which the calories of everyone in the Nation are taken and are spent before those calories are worked out by everyone in the Nation. How is that for a pyramid scheme? Before anyone is born in the Nation, those as yet children have had the fruits of their labor stolen and spent on ensuring that their children will be born into slavery. National Interest is a close to absolute power as is inhumanly possible. What can not be purchased when those having that power can write a check for the same amount of money that everyone else has combined, and spend that money with impunity: having no accountability whatsoever? Those with that much power can buy half of the population's loyalty in exterminating the other half, and that much power buys the other half for the same evil purpose, and if you think that is a myth, then you have yet to understand the truth about the pogrom that was falsely called a Civil War, a pogrom that has been falsely advertised as a means by which to set the slaves free.

"The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned."
14th Amendment to the National Constitution of 1789, a constitution falsely claimed to be a federal constitution.

"I confess, as I enter the Building I stumble at the Threshold. I meet with a National Government, instead of a Federal Union of States."
Samuel Adams to Richard Henry Lee, 3 December 1787​

Interest per Citizen
US Total Interest per Citizen includes Household, Business, State and Local Governments, Financial Institutions, and The Federal Government Divided by the number of US Citizens.
Source: Federal Reserve

What can not be purchased when the power at the command of those few criminals is the sum total purchasing power of the entire Nation State population of debt slaves now, and on into the future, since these criminals spend the wealth of the Nation before that wealth is even created.

Just exactly who are the people guilty of breeding the next generation of slaves?

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