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 Posted: Wed Jan 30th, 2019 09:38 am
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Joe Kelley

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The indisputable proof that life is precious is continuously demonstrated by the processes required to maintain life, adapt life, defend life, reproduce life, and that is a power born into life, a complex power that proves the observation that life is precious.

Call it natural power, or God power, or whatever words that language forms manifest themselves into, along the way, and the power to form life remains, by any name, the same precious power, because built into that power, along the way, is that power to do more than just remain what it is originally. That power builds greater complexity, along the way, resulting in life forms that are more complex, so as to adapt, so as to defend, so as to reproduce, and so as to bring into existence more complex life.

The original form of power, born out by modern science, is unknowable by the present forms of power, too much time and too much complexity over time have rendered the present forms of power to distant from the original form of power. The power to know what originally set in motion all the events leading to the present moment is so far distant that the present forms of truly scientific investigation, by people, using modern technology, is inadequate for the task of truly knowing the full measure of that too distant power. It has been discovered, in the not too distant past, that the effort to observe the power under scrutiny is a power that alters that power being observed. The power needed to scrutinize the original power is a power that alters the original power: an event horizon situation. Those power to observe that exist now, cannot pass that event horizon without altering the full measure of what is intended to be observed, and that happens because the powers that intend to observe the original power are powers that have been added to the original power, rendering the original power more than it once was at the beginning of the time when all the life we are was born.

Call it natural power, or God power, or The Big Bang, but know, or at least entertain the possibility, that the power is life, and life is demonstrably precious, otherwise we would not work a day to preserve it, and instead life would have burned itself out billions of years ago, never to be restarted anywhere, anytime.

The work, or the cost, of adapting, defending, preserving, replicating, reproducing, and improving (adapting) life, by any account in any time or place, demonstrates the measure of just how life is, and it is in a word: precious.

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