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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 09:17 am
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Joe Kelley

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When a person uncovers the substances that are hidden by lies: what exactly is found beneath those lies, and is it worth the effort to spread words that can transfer those substances to all who will listen?

Can these substances arm people with the power they need to avoid victimization and to then bring about a new age of never before known human prosperity, whereby the limits of the quality of life reach ever higher while the cost of life reduces to never before known limits of lesser expense?

This book will be written in the effort to answer those questions affirmatively, beyond a shadow of doubt, for all but the few people whose job they have hired themselves to do, as they invent those lies, and produced those lies, and as they employ those lies to accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves according to whatever motive their beings are capable of hatching.

There is no way to force someone into liberty, and therefore people heading away from liberty must find cause to stop, look, appraise, judge, discriminate, discount, credit, and decide each to their own, and then move along, in either direction, and this book intends to be a sign along the way, a one way door for travelers to open, and once in, there is no way back, either the reader will choose to proceed to hell on earth, of their own making, or they will proceed to liberty for kids.

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