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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 10:02 am
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Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6399
Life is good

My task is to speak to the youngest of our species, and by way of welcome, voluntary, accurate, moral, and scientific methods, my task is to offer a way to perceive of life on earth as a good thing.

In order to accomplish this general goal there is a need to build a foundation from which to proceed, so as to step onto the foundation, once it is built, and then to step to the next step along the way.

What is the most basic principle known to living beings?

I offer a competitive answer to that vital question as a way of life by which the life form passes through life, from moment to moment, and from place to place, knowing that life is good.

Who could argue with that most basic founding principle?

What is a better basic founding principle?

How can you, or your friend, or your mother, father, sister, or brother invent and then offer to you a better basic founding principle if they think that life is not good, or even if you think that life is not good.

How can you know what is good if life isn't good?

Even if you are not yet convinced, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the best, or nearly the best, most basic principle is that life is good, please consider listening a little longer as I explain a few things I have discovered on this path where life is good.

Have you heard about the scientific concept called entropy?

Does that scare you? Is it beyond your reach to even think about knowing a scientific concept such as entropy?

It is easy. It is fundamental. It is the stuff of life, the basic stuff, and if you don't know it, you may be unarmed by that failure to know that basic principle of life.

You may find yourself in a position, some day, at the mercy of some other thing, where you are too weak, and the other thing is too strong, and that other thing consumes you, and you are no more, and the other thing is now even stronger, as it consumed you, leaving you absent from class, absent from church, absent from bedtime, absent from morning breakfast before moving onto your next day on earth.

[too much concept leaping from life is good, to entropy, and then suddenly to liberty?]

Entropy can help all the kids reach liberty sooner, which can be seen, by anyone, as a good thing.

Now, kids, and anyone else reading this, there are those who know more than you do, and they may be wondering why you are being told that entropy is a good thing.

They may be thinking that kids are better when kids are not told about entropy, so they may want to get in between you and this book, and they may want you to be protected by them, so that you don't know about entropy, because it may scare you.

You may find out too much about entropy, too much for your own good, and then you will be weak, you will be too scared to help yourself, and so it may be better for you to forget about entropy.

What if you are brave instead? If you are brave, and you are not scared by entropy, you may then realize that entropy helps you along the way, as you proceed in life, and you see that life is good.

What then is entropy? How does entropy work as a basic principle of life? How does entropy help me make the best of life, and how does entropy lessen the work I have to do in life?

Entropy is the name of the power, or the force, that destroys things, consumes things, breaks things down, and kills all things, leaving nothing behind.

Does that sound bad?

Does that sound scary?

Do you think that this book must be thrown in the fire, because now you are scared to death?

What do you think causes things to burn? What do you think causes things to die?

There is a word for those causes, and that word is entropy.

Look up the word. Even if you throw this book in the fire, or in the garbage, and even if you never return to this book to read what this book offers to you, look up the word entropy, and know what that word means, and once you know, think about what I am now going to help you see: there is an opposite to entropy, and the opposite of entropy is ectropy.

If you think that life is bad, not worth living, at any moment in time, while you are still alive, your thoughts have moved toward entropy.

If you think that life is good, and worth living, at any moment in time, while you are still alive, your thoughts have moved toward ectropy.

You may not find this lesson in any other book anywhere on the planet earth and there is a reasonable explanation for that fact to be a fact.

I may be wrong.

You can know better.

Entropy is the name for the force, or the power, that causes things to deteriorate from a complex thing into a basic thing. Watch a snow ball melt and see how entropy works.

Ectropy is the name for the force, or the power, that causes things to become snow flakes, or people, or planets like Earth.

If there is a devil, which I can't confirm myself, the devil would be closer to entropy.

If there is a god, which I can't confirm myself, then god would be closer to ectropy.

The devil destroys things, breaks them down, melts things, takes things apart, and kills life, if the devil is entropy.

God, on the other hand, if god is ectropy, assembles things, and creates life.

God can be seen as the life force, or the power behind life, and if you don't like to use that word god, you can be scientific about it, and you can call the life force by another name, if that makes you feel better, and that word is ectropy.

Do you think that life is good?

If you do, then we are both on that first basic principle, and we stand here with God on our side, if God exists, and we stand here with ectropy on our side, and we can be certain that ectropy does exist, even if ectropy is just another word that means the same thing as God.

Life is good, and that is just another way of saying that it is a good idea to work toward living. We can work toward the goal of staying alive. We can work toward making life worth even more, making life even better, and better, and better, and to do that, we can make life less miserable, less difficult, less of a chore, and those two things work that way.

Better moves away from worse.

Life moves away from death.

Worse moves away from better.

Death moves away from life.

Ectropy moves away from entropy.

Entropy moves away from ectropy.
Evil moves away from good.

Good moves away from evil.

God moves away from the Devil.

The Devil moves away from God.

This amounts to an offering by me, the person writing these words, to you, the person reading these words, and this amounts to a welcome by me, to you, to see, if you want to see, the basic fundamental principle of life.

Life is good.

How do you know?

Don't take my word for it.

See what happens to you, and your life, as you move the other way. When you move away from life being good, you will know the truth, and you won't need me, or anyone to tell you the truth, there will be no room for doubt, life will be bad beyond a shadow of doubt.

The next part of this book will show to you how one thing relates to another thing when one thing is on one side and the other thing is on the opposite side.

If you are on the side that knows, beyond a shadow of doubt, that life is good, and you meet something that is opposite of you, it may be a good idea to know better.

Knowing worse is bad.

Life is good.

[Joe reread once, found and fixed spelling error 09-23-2011]

[concept leaping? 10-10-2011]

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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 10:42 am
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2nd Post
Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6399
Life is bad

Many things can make life bad, and many things can cause a person to think that life is not good, not worth living. Such things end life, as the person no longer wants to live. Such things can be avoided, and avoiding such things works to help life keep living, as a person can then return to knowing that life is good.

What happens when someone who thinks that life is bad keeps on living even though life is bad to that person?

Will such a person work to make life bad?

Will such a person invent things, and make things, and use things to destroy life, once such a person is convinced that life is bad?

Can a person become bad? Can a person begin to think that destroying life is good? Can a person enjoy destroying life, and once a person does enjoy destroying life does that mean that life is good, so long as a person is destroying life? A person wants to live longer so as to kill more living things - is that possible?

Can you see why it may be important to find a good place to build a good foundation from which to stand on; to stand on that good foundation and then once standing on that good foundation a person can then see better?

If you are on a good foundation, where life is good, and where a person on a good foundation works to make life better, and where the person making life better is also moving away from making life worse, and from that place that person looks at someone else, what is seen when looking at a person who works at destroying life?

If you are on your good foundation, working to make life better, and working to get further away from life being worse, and you see someone else in the distance, is it a good idea to know what that other person thinks?

If that other person thinks that making life miserable for you is good, is it a good idea for you to know better?

Friend or foe?

[Joe: fixed wording or grammar (I don't understand the concept of grammar) to sound better to my ear, and added Friend or foe.  09-=/23/2011]

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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 11:05 am
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3rd Post
Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6399
Know better

The reader may have had a hard time with the concept of ectropy, or the reader may have had a hard time conceptualizing a good place to start building a foundation from which to start moving toward a good life, and start moving away from a bad life, and those difficulties can be known.

It can be known that it is difficult to understand how to make life better, and how to move further away from a life that is bad.

It can be impossible to not know the difference, as life becomes very bad, and that can be easy to see, as easy to see as a person running into a burning building, as the fire in the building starts to heat up the person running into the burning building.

Life for the person running into the burning building will rapidly become unbearably worse, as the person catches fire, and as the person burns to death.

A person who is not running into a burning building can see a person who is running into a burning building and a person can know better by seeing the person running into the burning building as the person running into the burning building catches fire and burns to death, right in front of the person who witnesses that death by fire.

Cause and effect.

Run into the building on fire.


Don't run into the burning building.

Don't die.

Know better.

This is simple. See and learn.

What happens if the person running into the building does not burn up, and instead the person running into the burning building comes back out of the burning building with a baby that is alive, frightened, crying, but safe, not burning, and not dead?

Know better.

This is not as simple as adding 1 number to another number, there is more to the basic principle, and the next step offered to you is to know better, and that process of knowing better can be called many names and we can find a few names that work better.

Know better, be careful.

What does it mean to care for another person?

How about empathy?

How about sympathy?

How can you know better if you don't have the tools to know better?

You do have the tools, if you are standing on a good foundation, and one of those tools is called sympathy.

You can see, and know better, because you can imagine being a baby, and being scared, and being too hot, and catching fire, and burning to death, and it is very sad, and it is horrible, and it is terrifying, and it is bad, and so you know better than to leave that baby in that burning building, or at least you know why someone runs into the burning building.

That person knew better and you can know better too.

You can relate. You can see better, because you can imagine being in the same place as someone who is in a bad place, even if you are not in a bad place.

What about empathy?

I don't know, but I think I know better, and you can help me see better, somehow, and I'm not sure how, but I think that there is a thing that happens to good people who have built their own good foundations and when they see other people in bad places they feel bad too.

People actually feel as bad as the people seen. I feel good, but seeing a person in a bad situation causes me to feel bad too. That may be empathy at work, or it may be something much more complex than just a word.

There may be a big difference between someone who can see someone else in a bad place, and know that someone else is in a bad place, and on the other hand a person shares all the bad stuff once one person knows someone else is in a bad place, even while someone is in a good place, it does not matter that only one person is in a bad place, both people are then in bad places.


Why is there something called empathy? Why would someone in a good place become worse once a person can see someone in a bad place?

We can use math to help know better.

Person in a good place.

Person in a bad place.

The person in a good place sees, and then knows, that another person is in a bad place.

The person in a good place stays in a good place, and the person in a bad place stays in a bad place.

The person in a good place moves to the bad place for some reason.


Why does 5 happen sometimes?

Why does 4 happen sometimes?

Why do people share, why do people help each other, what is the point?

Why does someone who knows better than to go to bad places go anyway - go from a good place to a bad place on purpose? Why does someone who is in a good place go to a bad place on purpose, go willingly? 

Why does a person in a good place volunteer to go to a bad place?

Empathy may be in our lives for a good reason.

Know better

[Joe: editing 09/23/2011]

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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 11:35 am
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4th Post
Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6399
Deception is bad

A person who uses deception knows better. A person who is deceived does not know better. Knowing this can help a person. Not knowing this can be bad, but it can be understood better.

A person can tell another person that a baby is inside a burning building, even though a person knows better: there is no baby inside the burning building.

If you know better, deception does not work on you.

If you don't know better, deception may work on you, as you may be led to believe in a lie, and you may act upon a lie, and you may then make your own life miserable, and for no good reason, at all. Not for you. Why does someone lie?

If you build a good foundation, and if you know better, you may never, ever, see a need to use deception on someone. If you use deception, you are not deceived. The idea of deception is to cause someone else to be deceived. If you are not deceived, how can deception be bad? If you try to deceive yourself you fail each time, if you succeed in deceiving yourself, it is no longer self-deception, you will arrive at duplicity. You think that lies are true. No way out. Too, too bad for you.

Deception can be very dangerous for those who invent it, and then use it, because it can blow back, it can return to the source, and it can infect the person trying to infect other people with lies.

Be warned, know better.

If this confuses you, the problem may be that my words are not good enough for you. I am not confused. I am not  deceived. If this confuses you, you may be deceived. If you are confused, you may not be standing on a good foundation yet.

I may be able to help you see better, know better, and I may be able to help you avoid deception, and I may be able to help you see that deception can be used by good people as good people avoid or defend against bad people.

A bad person can be deceived too.

If a good person uses deception on a bad person, the bad person is then deceived, not the good person.

Deception can be bad for the bad people, when bad people are also deceived.

It is usually the bad people who are working very hard to deceive good people, but not always. 

Deception is bad, for those who are deceived.

Are you deceived?

If you are not deceived, then how can deception be bad to you?

How about an illustration for anyone who is still confused, or anyone who is still deceived?

A bad person targets you and the bad person wants to do bad things to you. If you don't know better, you are weak, and you will eventually have bad things done to you by that bad person, if that bad person does what that bad person wants to do, and make no mistake, know better, there are bad people, that is a fact.

I can ask for help in building this illustration, and you can help me, or someone else can help me, as this illustration is built up from my starting foundation.

A good person is on a good foundation and a bad person knows about that good person, and a bad person targets that good person, and somehow the good person finds out, and then the good person knows better, as the good person figures out a way to avoid the bad things that the bad person will do to the good person, if possible.

Bad people do bad things to weaker people. Bad people can't do bad things to stronger people who know better.

I'm going to get help from Henry. Henry is going to play the part of a bad person. I want to make sure that you know that Henry is not a bad person. I'm going to get help from Henry as Henry remains to be a very good person, but for now Henry is going to help me play a part, to build an illustration, to help you know better about deception.

Deception is bad. Are you confused, are you deceived, do you know better about deception?

Deception is bad, it is bad for people who are deceived.

Henry can help. Henry is going to play the part of a bad person, and I'm going to play the part of a good person. Henry calls me up on the phone. I answer the phone.

Ring, ring, ring.

"Hello, this is Joe."

"I am going to arrive at your house tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. When I get there I'm going to do very bad things to you and everyone in your family. Too bad for you."

"OK Henry. I will be here, on time, and all my family will be here too, and we will all be ready for you to do bad things to us. Henry, you are a bad person, and we know it."

"Too bad for you, see you at 9."

What happens next?

The idea here is to build up a story that explains how deception works, how deception is bad, but it is bad only from the eyes of the person who is deceived.

Deception is not bad from the eyes of the person who knows better.

What happens if Henry is deceived by Joe as Joe sets a trap for Henry at Joe's house at 9 o'clock?

Henry trusts Joe, at Joe's word. Joe will be home, and Joe's family will be home, and Henry can do bad things at 9 o'clock to Joe and Joe's family at Joe's house because Joe told Henry what Joe was going to do, when Henry called Joe to tell Joe about the appointment to do bad things to Joe and to inform Joe about the schedule where Joe's family will be on the same list of people to be harmed as Joe, where bad things will be done at that time, in that house, on that list of things to do, on that schedule, where Henry is the bad person, and where Henry has that list of bad things to do, and that list of people to do bad things to, and that schedule of when those bad things will be done at those times on those days. How many words does it take to confuse someone?

How many words does it take to deceive someone?

"I'm calling again to confirm the appointment at 9"

"We are ready. I even went to the bank to get all the money this family has ever earned, so you can have that money as payment for all the bad things that you are going to do to us at 9."

"Good boy. I will be right there, a little early. I can't wait to do bad things, and take your money. How about 8:30?"


You can say, obviously, that bad people do not announce their plans and their schedules to their targeted victims in advance, and that is the point of this part in this book.

Deception is bad, for who?

[Joe edit 09/23/2011]
[edit 10-10-2011]

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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 12:35 pm
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5th Post
Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6399
Friend or foe

It may not yet be clear to you that there is a vital need for you to build your own basic or fundamental foundation from which to then proceed down a good path, but this part of  this book intends to leave no room for doubt left in your mind as to that vital need.

There is no way for you to know the difference between people who will hurt you and people who will help you if you don't know where you stand.

If you don't know better, you can't know better.

You have to start somewhere and if you don't take control of the direction you are going then someone else will take control of the direction you are going, and if that is your choice, to let someone else control the direction you are going, you will be going in a bad direction.

Bad people make other people do bad things.

That is what they do.

Good people do not make other people do anything.

Bad people start fights.

Good people know better.

Bad people plan on starting fights.

Good people know better.

Bad people want to hurt innocent people.

Good people know better.

If you are not yet standing on a good foundation, a bad person will build a bad foundation under you.

Good people do not build foundations under people. In order to remain good a good person has to know how to avoid having bad people build bad foundations under good people.


Too many bad people will cause the destruction of all human life.

You can't know better, if you don't already know better. If you don't already know better, you have not built up a good foundation. If you do not already know better it may be possible, remotely possible, for you to know that you are standing on a bad foundation that was built under you by bad people.

Remember the concept of sympathy. A person can know another person, better.

A good person can know another person is a bad person.

A good person can know another person is a good person.

A good person can know another person is a good person working on a bad foundation.

A bad person can know as much, and even more, than a good person.

If a good person wants help from another good person, think, use your own brain, can a good person build a good foundation under another person?

No. I said no. Does that mean that you will know better? Can I make you know better? I don't want to make you know better. I don't know how to make you know better. I can offer my answer.

No. No, no, no, a good person cannot build a good foundation under another good person. It is not possible.

I cannot answer that question for you, and I will not tell you the good answer, because I can't, because I know better, because I know that you are the only one who has the power to invent good things, you are the only one who has the power to produce good things, and you are the only one who has the power to maintain a good life. If you can't, you can't, too bad for you. I can offer my answer.


You, or each of us, each person, has the power to do good, and the power to do bad, and that is a fact, and I know this, and you may not know this, and bad people know this, and to say otherwise is false, to believe otherwise is bad, to know otherwise is deception. If my words deceive you, to make you accept my answers, you will be disarmed, as your power of judgement will be compromised. I don't want to do that, I am warning you against that, and you can know better yourself, or not.

It is deceptive for one person to build a foundation under another person.

Look at your foundation.

Is it true?

Who is going to tell you that your foundation is true?


I'm not selling snow balls to Eskimos. A bad person has as much power over a good person as a snow ball has a chance in hell, so long as a good person still commands the power of will, accurate judgement, and determination to be good, to know better, to know that life is good.

A good person has to allow a bad person in, a good person has to accept the power of a bad person, a good person cannot, by their own power be led, or tricked, or fooled into being a bad person, it is impossible, as I see it. You may know better.

If you do bad things, you do bad things. You can build a bad foundation. You can build a good foundation. A bad person may help you nurture bad thoughts, but that does not change the facts, and the facts are easy to see, they are your thoughts. You can know better.

Each moment in your life is a power struggle between bad things, or entropy, or evil, or The Devil inside you, and good things, or ectropy, or good, or God within you, and there is only you in charge during each moment. If you are not in charge: who is in charge?

If you, that thing that makes you unique, that thing that is only you, and that thing that is no one else, if you have no power left, then you are not you.
Are you confused?

Where are you right now?

Are you you?

Find you.

Call it meditation.

Call it prayer.

Call it intuition.

Call it whatever works for you to find you, and once you have found yourself, think, and use your own brain, and then use that power once you have control of it, and do something.

Who is making you read this?

I am not.

I don't have that power.

Are the bad guys making you read this, because you are scared, because you want to know better, because you want to avoid any more progress down the road to the scary places?

They are not making you read this, how can they, so long as you are still you?

You, once you are you, once you control what you do, will do what you decide to do, and no one else can.

If you have no clue, as to what I'm saying, then are you good, or bad, and how did you get to that point? Who has been in charge of where you go?

Why did you allow yourself to get to a bad place, if you are in a bad place?

How can you know who to trust, if you can't trust yourself?

Can you trust that you will do bad things, is that the foundation you are on?

Who is going to help you, when you need help, and when you ask for help, if all that you have done so far, up to now, is to wander aimlessly at the direction of someone else, as you were led to believe that you are not the only person who can control what you do?

If you have been led by someone else, or many other people, up to now, what will you do now, now that you know better about who has power over what you will do?

How can you know the difference between someone who is going to help you and someone who is going to hurt you if you do not know better than knowing you are the only one who has power over what you decide to do, only you, no one else?

How about another illustration?

I'm going to get help from Henry again, but please know better than to think that Henry is a bad person, as I borrow Henry to play the bad person again.

To set the stage this time it may help to imagine yourself in place of Joe, you can borrow my shoes, you can stand in my shoes, you can sympathize with Joe, but be careful, don't allow yourself to get too caught up in it, don't grow weak with Joe, as Joe is weakened by Henry in the illustration as we paint this movie picture.

Henry made way too many drugs and Henry does not have enough people who want those drugs so Henry decides to call up Joe. See if Henry can get Joe to buy some drugs.

Ring, ring, ring. Let's see if Henry can get Joe to do bad things, OK?

"Hi Joe."

"Hi Henry."

"I  have too many drugs and not enough people buying them, want any?"

"What do those drugs do?"

"They help you."

"Ok, how much does it cost?"

"10 bucks"

Joe is connected to Henry in that illustration. Joe has the power to not answer the phone in the first place. Joe has the power to hang up on Henry as soon as Joe knows who is connecting to Joe. Joe has the power to trust Henry, and to trust what Henry has to say, and then Joe has the power to agree to do what Henry suggests, and Joe has the power to learn from that experience.

Joe can learn, in time, to know better, to know if the drugs help Joe.

Joe can learn, in time, to know better, to know if the drugs cost Joe only 10 bucks, and not a penny more that 10 bucks.

Does Joe know that his life is better? Does Joe know that the standard of living is going up, because of those drugs, life is better, and does Joe know that the cost of living is lower, because of those drugs? Was Henry telling the truth?

Henry calls Joe back, a week later.

"Hi Joe, it's me Henry again. I still have too many drugs and not enough customers. Do you want more, and do you know if anyone else wants these drugs?"

"Henry. I lost my job. I lost my wife. I lost my family. I've lost all the credibility I ever had with everyone I know. I've been stealing for drugs, and other bad things. Your drugs cost more than 10 bucks."

"Is that a no?"

The illustration offers to you a viewpoint that intends to show how life moves from one time to the next time. At one time Joe made a decision, because Joe was Joe at that time. Joe didn't know better. Henry may have known exactly what was going to happen to Joe, so Henry knew better, but Henry did a bad thing even though Henry knew better. Joe didn't know better.

Henry decided that 10 bucks was good, a good thing for Henry.

Then time passes.

Then, later, Joe may or may not still be the same Joe as before. Joe may have lost his power in a significant way, and Joe may have become very weak as a result of a very bad decision. 

After time passes Joe is still Joe, but time has passed, old Joe, then new Joe. Joe now knows better, or Joe is now too weak to know better, but Joe is still Joe, only Joe, the only Joe that counts, the only power that can say no, or yes, the only power  that can do good, or bad, same as before, same as now, same as forever, so long as Joe is alive.

I can't speak for anyone, not even me, as to what happens after life.

If time confuses you please know that you are not alone.

You may find help with those things that are confusing, like time, if you look for help, but be aware, please, that other people may want to hurt you, and they may want to  tell you lies, and if you believe in the lies told to you, then that is bad for you. You will be weaker, and you are the only one with the power needed to make you stronger.

You may then choose to make yourself stronger at the expense of someone else, and if that is what you choose to do, you will know of the need to keep that a secret.

A secret deception.

It will be your secret, only yours, until your victims know better, if that is what you decide to do with your time on earth. I know better. I know better than to believe in the lie that someone else makes you do bad things, if you do bad things. I know  better than to believe in the lie that you are powerless to know better, if you are not powerless to know better. I will eventually know, by what you do, and not by what you say, that you are no friend of mine, if you resort to lies, as a means of gaining at the expense of the innocent people you target. 

Time will tell.

Friend from foe.

[Joe 09/23/2011]

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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 01:27 pm
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6th Post
Joe Kelley

Joined: Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Location: California USA
Posts: 6399
The Power Struggle 

Building a foundation, on your own, at your own command, as you build that foundation to suit yourself, in your own best interest, to help you, so that you have a home base from which to take another step, so that you can navigate like a ship on the ocean, to travel the path you want to travel, to reach your goals, is one thing.

You start one thing, at one time, and that is like a small proton, part of an atom, part of a molecule, of sand, part of a grain of sand on a beach, on a planet, orbiting a Sun, inside a Solar System, part of a Galaxy, part of a Universe, and a Universe may be as small as that proton compared to other, larger, more complex, things.

You build a foundation, or you allow someone else to build a foundation under you, it is still you, you alone, and you are at this time, in this place, right now, as these words pass by you.

There are other protons, other atoms, other molecules, and other things working, and working, at the same time, in different places.

Working works in time. Your foundation proceeds according to your decision, and according to your power to reach your goals, or according to whatever power you allow to move you, if you decide to let another power, other than you, move you. 

At the same time your power is used to move you from place to place, or even if you let someone else or something else move you, a choice you can unmake even if you made that choice a moment ago, at that same time that you are moving, many other things are moving, many other powers move other things.

Many things are moving now, from this moment, in this place, to the next place, all at once, and then again all at once, and then again, and again, moving, working, moving, constantly moving, moving, and working to move again, and again.

Things run into other things under power.

Things add to things under power.

Things subtract from things under power.

Power struggles to make more power out of less power.

Power struggles to consume all the power leaving no power left.

Life struggles to remain alive, to reproduce, to perpetuate, to keep on living for as long as life can go on, and on, and on; while power struggles to destroy life, to end life and return all things back to a condition of lifelessness, darkness, and powerlessness.

Which is better?



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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 02:39 pm
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Joe Kelley

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There are those on a good foundation and they are friends on that good foundation, friends of the good foundation.

There are those on a bad foundation and they are similar to being friends on that bad foundation, bad friends.

There are those who decide to allow their power to be directed by other powers, and they are inevitably exploited by those on a bad foundation since those on a good foundation do not employ deceit, threats of violence, or acts of violence aggressively in the work that is willfully designed to exploit innocent people.

From three there is two and from two there is one.

As with any willful choice, as you can see yourself, if that is your choice, the number of possible choices are many, and then, eventually, one choice is made, and that can be known as an accurately observable fact.

How about a test?

Will you decide to read the next word?

Use your own brain.

How did the test go?

Did the devil make you do it?

Are you chained to a desk at a school that you are forced to attend and a person lords over you insisting that you read on; where you know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that there is no choice, at all, you must read on, since death is a result of failure to read on?

And you choose life!

Your choice is not to read when ordered to read or die, in fact, your choice is to keep on living under those conditions.

Does it calculate in your brain? You end up with three choices, then two, then your being moves by a power along the path chosen by you, even if your choice is to allow your path to proceed along a path that is not your better choice.

How can that be, how can it be that the choice you end up making is not your better choice, since it is the one you choose?

The one path taken is one path, not two, and not three.

The one path taken is not a path going north and a path going south at the same time, not up and down at the same time, not right and wrong at the same time.

Where are you coming from, where did your progress start from, did you build a solid foundation?

Did you start from a bad foundation, a false foundation, a foundation of duplicity, a foundation where you think you can choose something bad instead of something good? Who has the power to choose?

If life is good, then a path that increases the quality of life is good, and that same path moves away from a miserable life.

Any calculation used, any point of reference used to compare, by any way you can manage to earn a better viewpoint, as you seek the power of knowledge: which will be a more accurate perception over time?



Are you moving on a path that is right, a path that makes life better, and makes life less costly?

Is that your goal?

Is that your goal even if your goal consumes the lives of other people?

Are you deceived?

Do you use deception?

Do you use deception to gain at the expense of other people?

Do you use deception to avoid having your life expended by other people, defensive deception, so that other people will not gain at your expense?

If no one ever chose a bad path, from a bad foundation, would anyone ever find a use for deception?

Three groups constitute the human species and each person can choose to be in one group or the other group at any time, and those choices once made are choices that collect and add up to a growing power of certain knowledge, removing all shadows of all doubt, as to which group you are in, in fact.

Over time your actions confess your foundation.

Those who keep on choosing to target innocent people, injure innocent people, and gain at the expense of innocent people confess their solid foundation of evil from which they alone invent, they alone construct, and they alone maintain, and as a matter of coincidence, one evil person adds to another one, one evil deed at a time, and then there are three, and three evil people, working together, can overpower any one person if one person is working alone. If one person is working alone in the work that is required to avoid being consumed by evil people, what power can stop 3 evil people working together to enslave just one victim?

If you are in that foundation of evil, and if you are working from that foundation, you will share the goals of all those people on that foundation, even as you may find reason to fight among your fellows, your brothers and sisters, your kin, as all of your kind work to gain those shared goals: to exploit, to steal, to rape, to pillage, to terrify, to torture, and to murder, even mass murder, and even still to extinguish all life on earth, or to end all life anywhere in the universe, and beyond.

Shared goals move toward the goal post, and as those goals move closer to the end there are fewer, and fewer, and fewer ready victims, on that road, built on that foundation of evil, of willfully exploitation of the innocent, consuming the innocent, leaving nothing.

What happens when there are only 3 evil people left?

What if you are deceived into a belief that you are not on the evil foundation, you are led to believe that you are not working to exploit anyone, anytime, every time, and yet you are, and what if you think that you are good, when you are not good, what then?

Look to your left and there is an evil person. Look to your right and there is an evil person, and they say to you that they are good, and what do you think then?

How can you know better?

How can you know better once you are deceived?

How about a test?

This test is vital, and few people today will pass this test, which is why I'm writing this book, and why this book is for kids. Liberty is for kids; when the people who are supposed to be adults are people who have turned to evil as their foundation.

Few people will pass this test.

The innocent among us will pass this test.

Young people tend to be innocent, as they have yet to be tested, and they have yet to fail, and they have yet to make bad choices, in the face of an overwhelming power of evil.

Ready for the test?

Fear not, there is always, to your last breath, an opportunity to learn to know better, to build a good foundation, and to proceed onward toward good things, which is the same thing as liberty, the same thing, in other words.

If you fail the test, you will end up with three choices, then two, then one choice.

If you pass the test, you will end up with three different choices, then two, then one.

When there is only one choice left it will be the choice you make as you go down the path you choose.


Is it right to enforce an involuntary tax?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Not according to the person paying the involuntary tax.


Suppose, for a moment, that you are not going to take the test, and you are only going to observe three people who have taken the test, and you see these three people in the following illustration.

We are going to need another helper besides Joe, Henry, and you. We need someone else, so I'm going to borrow from Alice, as in Alice's Restaurant. Alice is going to help us, and she will be the person who chooses B as an answer.

Henry is the guy who volunteers to play the part of the bad guy, and so he chooses A.

You are not taking the test yet, if at all. You are just observing the three people who have taken the test.

I am the guy who chooses C, since I am also the guy who invented the test, so I already know the right answer.

I can pretend to speak for you as you ask these three people questions concerning their answers.

"Hi Henry."


"Why did you choose A?"

"If involuntary taxes are not collected then I can't do the things I want to do, because I need those taxes collected to do the things I want to do, and there is no other way, I have to collect those taxes, there is no other choice."

"Hi Alice."


"Why did you choose B?"

"The answer to the question is easy. It is not right to steal. It says so in the Bible. It is not right to steal, and the question includes the word involuntary, therefore a person is forced to pay no matter what, and a person may see such an involuntary demand as being no different than any other involuntary demand made by anyone other than God, and as such it is no different than stealing. My answer is no, it is not right to steal, and I know this because I know the word of God, and I know how men are bad, and how men use deception to steal. Men invent every kind of lie to do bad things, including the lie that involuntary taxes are necessary."

"Hi Joe."


"Why did you choose C?"


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 Posted: Tue Oct 11th, 2011 12:35 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Working for misery

In life there are pretensions of authority when no such thing exists. I mean to say more precisely that students teach and teachers pretend to teach. This is one of the big lies told to everyone by all those who stand to gain from that lie.

You, as a kid, may have been instructed, or told, a story about a man named Thomas Paine, and in that story there are words told to you, if that is true, and those words are found in a book titled Common Sense.

Did you learn anything?

It is test time again.

This next test will test many things while the test is processed by whomever takes the test, really takes the test, no cheating, no looking for the answers that may be found here or there, answers that do not originate honestly from the test taker.

Is it a good idea to work for misery?

That is the test, and if you know the answer, in your own soul, or your own being, or your own self, you know the truth, and your answer is true, for you, without any grade of any kind attached to you by anyone else, you know the true answer, your true answer, and that is what counts to you.

Why do it?

Why work to be miserable if it isn't a good idea? If you passed the test, and your answer, to you, was no, no, no, it is not a good idea to work for misery, then why do it?

If you are alive today, and you are not alive in Liberty, then you will be working for misery, and no one but your own student mind can confirm or deny such a thing, at any moment, and I can't grade you on this test, and no one can grade you on this test, you will either pass or fail at your own cost.

You will flunk if that is what you do, and it won't matter if someone else confirms your grade. You flunk even if someone else says yes, you flunked. You flunk even if someone else says that no, you did not flunk, you got an A, an A+, you pass, and you pass with flying colors.

If you think, even for a moment, that you can get by this test creating, you can keep on thinking that, for as long as it works for you, and then, inevitably, the truth becomes irrefutable, as you pay the cost of failing. You either fail or you pass this test.

I have nothing to do with your grade. No one else has anything to do with your grade. You pass on your own, and you fail on your own, and that is the horrible truth to some people, and that is to some other people a form of paradise, a utopian heaven on earth.

Which are you?

I don't know.

If you look around you can see examples of other people who are working for misery, and no amount of work, it seems, accomplishes anything more than more misery. Look and see, and think, please, for a moment, why them?

Why are some people working for misery?

I can help answer that question, and you may learn the answer, on your own, and my help won't matter, you teach, you are your own teacher, that is true, and you can't know that until you know that much, in your own time.

Common Sense was written some time ago, and there is a sentence in that book that keeps returning into my own viewpoint, often, and more often, as time goes by, and once you here the words, you may find cause to learn, yourself, something, and I can't say what, exactly, you will learn. Think of the next sentence as another test, and if you fail, you pay all that has to be paid because you have failed this test. No one else will pay for your failure, only you can pay if you flunk this test.

Thomas Paine:

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer."

Working for misery.

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 Posted: Wed Oct 12th, 2011 02:13 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Lost Innocence

No choice but to choose a side.

The words before these words tend to direct attention toward this idea, or this viewpoint, whereby a person encounters a more powerful person and at that point in time the more powerful person forces the less powerful person into being on the side of the victim.

There are many more situations that occur in life whereby a life will face something that is more powerful, and therefore something will end the less powerful life; many more than less powerful people connecting to more powerful people.

Once attention is fixated, with self interest, or even without any concern for personal safety, on pending dangers the next idea is to prepare for those pending dangers in a way that works best.

The way that works best.

A person may start life and then end life without ever encountering a more powerful person who forces injury unto that person; as that person avoids that choice, which is no choice, but to choose a side. Does that sound like the way that works the best: to avoid ever being exposed to such a calamity?

The viewpoint intends to be a warning, followed by a willful application of power designed to avoid being victimized by a more powerful person, which is no different than deciding to avoid running blindly across a busy highway, as the choice here is to pick a side, and the side being picked is done so because the danger exists, not because the danger may exist, or could exist, but because the danger does exist.

The warning is simple, and obvious, and measurable, even when the dangerous people are momentarily out of site, and even when the dangerous people are avoided by some people entirely, for the entire of life span of some people.

The need to pick a side follows the warning, and does not precede, or come before, the warning, since there would be no reason for picking a side if there were no other people on the other side.

There are people, powerful people, who will seek, and then connect to, victims, as those powerful people then injure those victims, and that may not be happening right now to you, and that may never happen to you, and if that never happens to you, you offer a very good example of good life, as you avoid ever being a victim during your entire life.

What if you have made a choice, or someone has made a choice for you, for you to be on the side of the powerful people who do very bad things to their targeted victims?

You would then be on a side, your choice has been made, and you are on the side of the people who do very bad things, and if that is true, it is true, even if you don't care to know that fact, it remains a fact, and it remains a fact each time the targeted people are injured.

That can work, in ways that are not as easy to see, and if you don't want to see, that can work even better.

It is time to call on Henry again to help illustrate how that can work, as a person is on the same side as the powerful people who do bad things as the bad people target less powerful people, and the bad people injure the targeted people.

Henry pays taxes and that means that Henry sends power to someone else, and that power that Henry sends to someone else is the power that Henry makes as Henry works. Henry starts each day with a little bit of power and by the end of the work day Henry makes more power.

What happens to the power Henry makes when Henry spends all day working?

This may be painful to know, especially to Henry, as the power that Henry makes is sent to very bad people, and those very bad people use the power made by Henry to do very bad things. There is a name for that payment by Henry to the bad people and the name for that payment is a tax. A tax can also be a good thing, but how can anyone ever know if a tax is a good thing or if a tax is a payment to bad people who do bad things?

Henry starts out in life thinking that taxes are a good thing. After many years of working and making more power each day, and after many years of sending power to bad people, many years go by, and then Henry finds out the truth. You can now sympathize with Henry, as Henry becomes aware of the fact that years of his life was spent paying bad people as bad people did really bad things.

Now Henry is aware of his payments to bad people, and Henry knows now that Henry was fooled into being on the wrong side, and now Henry is faced with a decision, as Henry is no longer fooled.

What kind of information might have been the information that informed Henry about the fact that Henry was tricked, for many years, into being on the wrong side?

Stolen Innocence


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