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 Posted: Sun Nov 6th, 2011 04:30 pm
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Joe Kelley

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Life is Perilous

One threat is greatest and knowing which threat that is can be a powerful awareness dawning upon the life form facing that greatest threat.

As offered earlier, or to be yet offered in detail, there are competitive forces involved in this power struggle between life and death. The greatest threat is the greatest because it will destroy soonest, leaving the least power available in defense against the greatest threat.

So what is the competitive, most threatening, greatest threat, to life?

If the answer is not obvious then the answer is obviously ignorance.

Ignorance is the greatest threat to life, and therefore, having that knowledge realized in the core of your being, can offer insight into why life evolves, improves, and becomes more intelligent, so as to gain the most power required to ensure the perpetuation of life.

Meanwhile, at this time, in this life, the acknowledgement of the greatest threat being a lack of specifics, while knowing that the greatest threat is not knowing the greatest threat, the life form sets aside a portion of power employed in the effort to find out the specifics, as time goes by, and as massive things move at high speed on collision courses.

A life form will duck when a fast moving mass of matter is perceived as being on a collision course with the life forms head. Even a duck will duck.

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