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 Posted: Tue Nov 20th, 2012 07:32 am
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                                                      Chapter 1
                             Product 1 and Product 2
"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning."
Henry Ford

BLANK (customer perspective introduction waking up in the morning on the way to the bank to investigate Product 1 and Product 2)

BLANK (salesperson perspective introduction waking up in the morning on the way to the bank to sell Product 1 and Product 2 again, as a paying job, salesperson/buyer of Product 1 and Product 2, working at the bank selling Product 1 and Product 2)

BLANK (jumping ahead to the scene at the bank where John Henry Warren (character name for the bank employee?) meets the new customer.

Sub-chapter title?

                                            Sale or no Sale

"Hi, I am John, please have a seat." John extends his hand while meeting Jean Patricia Harmon half way between John's desk and the lobby. Jean had been waiting anxiously for 12 minutes and was aware of the previous customer leaving, so she, being next, got up and met John.

"I am Jean, but please call me Pat." Jean minimizes the hand shake business and proceeds to the chair set in front of the desk ahead of John.

Following, John asks: "Pat, for Patricia?" John rounds the desk sitting down after Pat takes her seat.

"Yes, my middle name, and my mothers name too. My father's mother, that is my grandmother on my father's side, was Jean, and somehow Pat stuck."

Silence for a moment, John not sure how to respond, and Pat nervous, but not showing the condition, John is a young man in his 20s, and Pat is closer to 50 than she cares to be measured by the number of times the Earth goes around the sun.

It does not take a full rotation to break the silence.

"What can I do for you Mrs.. Pat...?"

"Oh, yes, my husbands name is Harmon, a nice name for a nice husband. You can call me Mrs. Harmon if you prefer."

"Thanks Mrs. Harmon, and are you here for our Product 1, Product 2?  That is my job these days, at this desk, I'm sure you have read the signs on the way in."

"Well yes, I need to talk about that, and I brought a list of questions."

"I am here to help."

Pat unfolds the list from a folder prepared for the occasion.

BLANK (other "first" questions)

Pat asks: "For Product 2, what if the person's business fails? If the person borrows on their own good faith and credit and they fail for some reason, maybe not even their own fault, how will the loan be paid back? Does it matter if the loan cannot be paid back?"

John: "The thing that most people may not understand concerns the difference between the concept of "public" and "private" jurisdictions in law, and as your question has been explained to me, these products are limited by law as to how much profit the bank can make as the term: not-for-profit may suggest. If you are familiar with the term."

Pat appears to be even more confused but John presses on with a more rapid cadence to his speech, as if he is now in a hurry to get a point across, to reach a desired goal. "In short: we repossess the items purchased with Product 1 and Product 2, a house in the first case, a Solar Panel Array, Electric Car, or Modular Green House Unit, in any case, and it is a net loss, but according to statistical calculation the Bank will always net a profit, to cover costs, up to the government limit - again we are in that sense not-for-profit, but in the sense of not-for-unlimited-profit, if you can understand the concept then we can move on. If you have more questions there are illustrations I can use to help you understand how it works the way it works.

Pat begins to speak but John politely raises his hand and continues. "Mrs. Harmon, in any event, please understand that there is no shame, to me, as someone growing up in this new system, our new realities, here in America, for errors made by people who try to start a new Power Independence business, there will be errors, and the calculations we make to cover those errors are insured against loss too. How many times did Edison try to find the right filament for the first light bulb?"

Pat is taken aback some, by the young man presuming to know so much, but she recovers composure, and returns to the list of questions, looking at them, and then formulates a reply to the last answer provided by John. "Many, as I am aware, very many attempts to find the right filament. So, as with Product 1, there is also the matter of Credit Score?"

John reassures and confirms. "Yes, and we have gone through that sufficiently, as Legal Banking Interest is not the same thing as usury, again along the concept of not-for-unlimited-profit. The concept of Legal Banking Interest is a method of insuring against loss that is charged to a person who has proven to be prone to error, over time."

Pat adds. "Ok, so that failure is a higher insurance fee charged to that person who has failed, but isn't that going to shame the person who fails, really, John, would you not feel shame?"

John has no ready response, so Pat continues with the next question on the list.

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