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 Posted: Wed Apr 10th, 2013 09:07 am
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Study Material

Update: April 10th 2013 - 56 days left until Liberty Day July 4th 2013

Taken from Study Material  

Equitable Commerce

That is a small book, a must read if the idea is to know how equitable commerce works in principle. Think about it some, what is wrong with human interaction if not the introduction of crime into the transfers of trade which render trade to be inequitable? This book destroys  all claims about legal money supremacy as the obvious genuine Free Market consists of no punishment by color of law banishing any money competition whatsoever.

The Science of Society

That is one of many supporting documents concerning the validity of the Equitable Commerce discoveries, inventions, and use.

State Socialism and Anarchism

That further explains how Equitable Commerce predates both socialism and capitalism as their common roots before both memes went the way of crime made legal.

Trial by Jury

Where Equitable Commerce does not answer the crime question other than to avoid it completely, this work by Lysander Spooner shows how individuals can band together in groups of 12 and issue judgments concerning which citizens are guilty and what punishments, if any, are necessary to instruct citizens as to which behavior is tolerable, and which is not, and there is insight here on the necessities of defense against large bands of criminals.

No Treason

That supports further the precise concepts of individual, scientific, rational, rule of law, by way of contrast with false authority.

The Science of Justice

Lysander Spooner again offers the most competitive scientific explanation of just what is justice, which contrasts starkly when placed side by side with any counterfeit versions.

Secret Proceedings

That book blows The Constitution completely out of the water, as a Usurpation of Liberty, as attendees of the "National" Convention or Con Con (Confidence Scheme) blew the whistle on the crime in progress, despite a Legal Gag Order placed upon them. The following supporting books provide the necessary evidence proving the guilt of those like Hamilton who were Despots hiding behind a False Front they called Federalism, when in fact they were Legal Money Monopolists, Monarchs, Nationalists, and merely criminals seeking badges to cover their crimes, and perpetuate their crimes.

Shays's Rebellion

That proves the case whereby a Free Market Government Experiment worked during the time period between 1776 and 1788, so as to remove much doubt, or all doubt, concerning the validity of a Democratic Federated Republic experimental government of Several (then 13) Sovereign States Voluntarily creating a Voluntary Union or Confederation, where each State is a single Constitutionally limited Nation, and the Union is Voluntary. If you don't read that book you will be missing a huge part of the history lesson that counts.

The Founders Genuine NOT Counterfeit

The combination of Shays's Rebellion in stark contrast with The Whiskey Rebellion cannot be understood without understanding the battles the went on between The Nationalists who worked to remove the Independent Spirit of Individuals, remove the Independent Spirit of Constitutionally Limited Competitive State governments, and their Independent Spirited Targets who were falsely labeled as Anti-Federalists. In that book you find voices of people who speak their minds as to why they wanted a Voluntary Union or Confederation, and why they did not want a Single Monopoly Dictatorship as was proposed by The Hamiltonian Frauds who were really Monarchists and who were really not Federalists.

Crushing Money Competition

That book starkly contrasts how a Confederated Congress under The Articles of Confederation deal with inter-state slave revolts, whereby a State may become Despotic and the slaves may be forced to run to a less Despotic State within the Voluntary Union, such as the Shays's Rebellion example exemplifies, and contrasted with that is how a Nation State Monopoly Legal Money Power deals with "the competition", as an order is given by the Dictator to "crush so fatal a spirit" as The Spirit of Liberty.

Dictators Dictate

That leaves little room left for doubt as to which side The False Federalist George Washington was actually on.

Generalisimo Washington

That leaves almost no room as to which side Generalissimo Washington was truly on.

Genuine Founders Smell RATS

That amply proves the case against the Usurpation by the False Federalists as those Nationalists calling themselves Federalists worked to get their Money Monopoly POWER forced upon their victims despite the very good advice offered by very able Representatives of True Liberty, such as George Mason and Patrick Henry.

Return to Voluntary Competitive Government Please

That effort helps the reader understand clearly the battle between Crime made Legal (Despotism) and Free Market Government (Liberty) as the criminal side (false authorities) clearly draw the demarcation line, and all the warnings by the Sons of Liberty such as Thomas Paine, Daniel Shays, George Mason, and Patrick Henry warned.

Here is a quote from that book to illustrate the point:

Second, federalism permits the states to operate as laboratories of democracy-to experiment with various policies and Programs. For example, if Tennessee wanted to provide a state-run health system for its citizens, the other 49 states could observe the effects of this venture on Tennessee's economy, the quality of care provided, and the overall cost of health care. If the plan proved to be efficacious other states might choose to emulate it, or adopt a plan taking into account any problems surfacing in Tennessee. If the plan proved to be a disastrous intervention, the other 49 could decide to leave the provision of medical care to the private sector. With national plans and programs, the national officials simply roll the dice for all 284 million people of the United States and hope they get things right.

Experimentation in policymaking also encourages a healthy competition among units of government and allows the people to vote with their feet should they find a law of policy detrimental to their interests. Using again the state-run health system as an example, if a citizen of Tennessee was unhappy with Tennessee's meddling with the provisions of health care, the citizen could move to a neighboring state. Reallocation to a state like North Carolina, with a similar culture and climate, would not be a dramatic shift and would be a viable option. Moreover, if enough citizens exercised this option, Tennessee would be pressured to abandon its foray into socialized medicine, or else lose much of its tax base. To escape a national health system, a citizen would have to emigrate to a foreign country, an option far less appealing and less likely to be exercised than moving to a neighboring state. Without competition from other units of government,the national government would have much less incentive than Tennessee would to modify the objectionable policy. Clearly, the absence of experimentation and competition hampers the creation of effective programs and makes the modification of failed national programs less likely.

The best contrast may be shown, again, by the examples provided by Shays's Rebellion under Free Market Government (The Articles of Confederation) and The Whiskey Rebellion under Despotism (The Constitution "of no authority").

Declaration of Independence

That declares that individuals possess a self-evident duty to fight against criminals running criminal governments.

Official Orders NOT to be questioned - EVER

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

That leads to this:

Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

That is this:

Pay this Much and Shut THE FUCK UP

Generalismo Washington was a bill collector, hired by the Money Changers like Hamilton and his ilk.

But, hey, how about a little common sense instead?

This is a warning:

Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer.

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

That is another warning. In that book the concept of how we are moving in evil ways is explained and accounted for in ways that help an individual understand both the problem and the remedy.

The Sane Society

That can offer a general understanding of how competitive remedies work.

The Global Brain

That adds to the general understandings offered by Fromm

Pay Pal Wars

That brings the reader up to speed in modern times as power is definitely shifting away from individual dictators (criminal gangs with badges) to individual competitors in Liberty. A very good study is the work being done by one of the people who started Pay Pal, the person Elon Musk, who is now making the best automobiles in the world out of the State of California, and he is also supplying the U.S. Space Program with rockets.

The Gulag Archipelago

If people continue to invest their hard earned, honest, power (purchasing power) into DESPOTISM, then that book can let them now exactly what they are paying to get: soon enough.

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