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 Posted: Mon May 6th, 2013 01:49 pm
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Joe Kelley

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A novel idea can be compared to those accurate perceptions shared by all living beings, and the process by which a single idea transfers from one individual living being to every other living being can be exemplified as fewer people fail to find the idea.

Constructing a future condition of life now can be such an example, and the product of construction can be realized in the form of a book, a story of words, and the moment before the book is read by the first reader marks a time and a place in which the idea gains currency up until the last person, in the last place, reads the book.

This is the inspiration for this chapter, in this book, to exemplify this process of accurate measures gaining currency, and the novel idea is borrowed by me, as the novel idea was first read by me, becoming my idea, gaining currency, and now I have the idea to write a story.

The story involves a  day in time whereby an idea is offered to a person from the void, and the person who is made aware of this idea is given a novel name, a fictional name, and this character is then constructed, and this character is then sent onto a path through a fictional life, so as to carry a message from one person to another in the hope of having this idea gain currency.

The idea is a challenge offered to the first person, the fictional character, then to the next, and then the next, along the way. The idea, in fiction, gains currency rapidly, and the idea, in fiction, inspires people along the way to improve the idea, expand the idea, reproduce the idea, and the challenge becomes nearly universal to those people who find the challenge to be one worth doing.

The challenge offered the original character in reality is The Liberty Day Challenge, and it is in fact happening right now. It is not gaining currency rapidly. Accurate measures of the rate at which the idea is gaining currency do not measure rapid rates of growth as the idea is not becoming universal. The fictional version if the idea has a twist to it, and the twist is constructed fictionally for a specific intended reason. The reason for the twist is to paint a more attractive cover unto the nakedness of the real thing. The real thing, the real challenge of Liberty, is, measurably, unattractive, since it is, with all the make-up, all the fancy clothes, all the embellishments stripped away, mere work.

The Liberty Day Challenge is merely, and unreservedly, an intense perceptive of self and a realization of the absolute necessity of moving the self off the path of crime made legal, and moving the self onto the path of Liberty; having no one else, nothing else, no help, no external power whatsoever, only internal power, only the power within, to inspire, to guide, and to work out the actual steps taken from that moment onward.

The character in the story, on the other hand, declares the War on Falsehood, and this character in the story sets off the spark that ignites the path of many volunteers in this war, as they march toward, and as they arrive at, a fictional Liberty Day, and in the story, in the fictional novel idea, this Liberty Day occurs, and afterwards are events that occur in a novel way, so as to inform the readers how Liberty works after Liberty Day.

When the War on Falsehood is won; Liberty Day commences and that Day in History is seen through the eyes of another character in the Novel, as that Day in History, that Liberty Day, is recorded in a History Book, and the character in the Novel is a future Student, in every day life, after The War on Falsehood was won, after Liberty Day becomes a distant memory, and during the New Age of Reason.

At this point I see a value in returning to that Novel Idea, to work on writing that book, as a Novel. I can cut and paste additions to that book from Word files to here, since work on the Joe Quotes book pave this way. This Liberty Day Challenge Book, non-fiction, or Liberty for Kids, non-fiction, can be returned to, as opportunity and inspiration occur.

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